“Life begins at 40”

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My sister likes celebrations. She is the type that celebrates anything and everything, sometimes I envy her I wished I have her kind of strength.

She will be celebrating her birthday soon terming it ‘life begins at 40.”

Sometimes I look at her the only thing I feel is admiration knowing that we have come a long way and still standing.

Well, she has done so many preparations, canceled so many, and still renewed some. Sometimes she has made some of the plans including me on it without telling me.

I will have to remind her, that I was not informed about the plan she had made earlier.

Now she left the outfits selection for me knowing that I am an expert in that aspect.

Don’t get me wrong I love what I do ” I am a fashion designer” and I pride myself on it. My sister is one of the clients that can make you lose your cool.

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We have tried one hundred and one outfits but she is yet to make up her mind name it;

Ball gown dress

Sequins dress

Beaded dress

Off-the-shoulder dress

One shoulder( asymmetric dress) etc

You know when you want to wear all the trendy outfits but you have only one body and there is nothing you can do about it but accept your fate and move on?

Well NEWS flash, this sister of mine wants to devise a means by which she will wear all the “trendy outfits” she chooses

Name it all, I am wondering how she will wear all the outfits in one day.

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She sings it in my ear all day, how she wants her party to be impeccable and flawless. Although we have gone through the outfits that she wants, the problem is that she is always changing her mind at the last minute leaving me to wonder if that is what “life begins at 40” looks like.

Although we are not done with outfit selection we have already moved to trendy shoes, please don’t ask me how the experience has been, I am already exhausted knowing that we have selected a thousand bucks shoes but she still wanted more shoes. She said “I want to look a million bucks on that day”

Finally, I want her to enjoy her day and be very happy about it, but how will I do that when she wants to wear all the trendy dresses and shoes in one day?

Life begins at 40 could it be this exhausting? Just thinking out loud.


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By Chioma

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