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In this lesson, you will learn strategies to monetize your blogs, including affiliate marketing, promotional backlinks and sponsored reviews.   

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Monetizing your blogs

Now that you know how to write a blog that will rank in search results and how to build a following you probably would like to make money from your blogs. There are many options and I will try to cover them here.

Affiliate- Most products sold online have affiliate programs. Basically, they pay bloggers a commission to send them business. This is done by specialized links that the blogger places in their blog. Some of these commissions are quite high but likely are expensive, while others commissions can be low but have a low cost and sell a lot of products.

You will need to get an affiliate account for every product you want to sell or join something like Clickbank or Admitad which already have many sellers listed in their programs. In almost all cases setting up affiliate accounts is free. There are many videos available on YouTube to help you learn affiliate marketing. By the way, many people make a great living doing nothing but affiliate marketing.

Promotional and Backlinks-(also called guest blogging)  Many new brands are looking to build their web presence and that requires quality backlinks and traffic. You as a trained blogger already have access to Our Fashion Passion with a lot of domain authority. You can also write from sites like Medium for nonfashion and beauty-related brands. You can write promotional blogs for brands and place backlinks to their site into your blog to one or more brands and sell those links even before you write your blog. The brand gets a great backlink for SEO not to mention great promotion for their brand. You would need to do some legwork to find buyers, but if you put some time in, there is a great market for this kind of blogging.

Sponsored Review- You can write sponsored reviews for products and also place high-quality backlinks in your blogs and charge brands and retailers to do this.

Our Fashion Passion– Pays its bloggers for traffic from the first blog onward and all you need to earn is 1 dollar in the US to start earning.