Begin Lesson 7


In this lesson, you will learn how to promote your blogs to kick-start building an audience and monetizing. You will also learn about compliance in regards to 

Bonus Material

Promoting your blog – Assuming you want to build an audience and perhaps make a living from blogging one day now you need to promote your blogs.

Start by letting search engines know your blog page is published. You can do this with It is free and instantly lets search engines know your blog is published.

Social Media – Share your blogs on all your social channels by starting with Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

Facebook- Promoting on Facebook is quite easy. Simply copy the URL for your blog posts and paste it in to create posts for your Facebook account and any groups you may be in. The post will show up much like a news article. It is also nice to post the first few lines of text from your blog to get possible readers excited to check it out. Add hashtags so your blog will be viewed in hashtags as well.

Facebook Groups– On Facebook, you have many groups for fashion and beauty. These groups can have upwards of 200,000 members so you can reach a big audience fast this way.

Linkedin – Is much like Facebook. To post your blogs on Linked simply copy the URL of your blog and paste it into your post. Once again always add the first few lines of text from your blogs to get readers excited. Also, add hashtags to reach more people.

Twitter- Posting on Twitter is also much like Facebook and Linkedin. Simply copy your URL and paste it into your post. Once again do not forget your hashtags.

Instagram- Instagram is a bit more complicated than Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. To get started go to your Instagram and do the following. First, you must copy the best photo from your blog, which should be high quality, and save it to your computer. Second, create a post and put in that photo, click next, then add a caption. It is best to copy a few good sentences from your blog, then paste it into your post you can put in an emoji if you like. Then copy and paste the URL of your blog into the text as well. This is very important so people can find your actual blog. And share!

Pinterest- Pinterest is also a bit more complicated so to get started, once again download the best photo from your blog and save it to your device. Step two go to your Pinterest account and click create a pin. Next, paste the photo your saved where it says drag or click to upload images or a video. You can actually choose as many images as you like and create a sort of carousel. Now copy the title of your blog and paste it into the section that says add a title. Once again copy a few good lines of text from your blog and paste them into your post. Then copy the URL from your blog and paste it into where it says to add a destination link. Now click publish.

In most cases, you would simply copy the URL of your blog and paste it into a post on the networks. In some cases like Instagram and Pinterest, you would need to download the photo and create the post with a link to your blog.

Compliance- your blog should be compliant legally and we will cover the points you must follow to be compliant.

Photos- you should use photos that you are allowed to use and we covered this earlier, but you must credit the source of those photos.

Affiliate Disclosure – if you are making money from links in your site you must include the following affiliate disclosure. “ Notice: This page may contain affiliate links and services. We may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. “

Crediting other people’s work– If you use any part of another writer’s work, you must credit them.

Plagiarism- It is forbidden to use other people’s work as your own. Just do not do it. If you gain inspiration from others’ work make sure your is different from theirs.