Begin Lesson 6


In this lesson, you will learn how many of the components of SEO go into your blog posts’ ranking on search engines. SEO is very important if you plan on becoming a successful professional blogger. 

Bonus Material

Page Analysis- This is where we really get into the SEO of your blog. It will have 3 base components and each has sub-components and I will cover them one by one here.

Basic SEO – this component has many sub-components and we will cover them now.

Focus keyphrase in content– you should have the keyword at least 3 to 5 times through a normal blog. That way search engines know what your blog is about.

Focus keyphrase in the introduction- As mentioned above your keyword should be in your first sentence if at all possible. Even better the first words.

Focus keyphrase in meta description – as stated above this is important.

Focus keyphrase in URL – as mentioned above this is important.

Focus keyphrase length – should be 4 words or less

Meta description length – should be 160 characters or less

Content-Length – Your blog should be at least 600 words. Less than that will limit your chances of ranking.

Internal links- your blog should have links to pages on Our Fashion Passion. A minimum of 1 is required. We typically use the author’s member page and it is a good idea to list links to your previous blogs.

External links – Your blog should have links to sites that are not Our Fashion Passion. Good links to content that is also important to your blog. For instance, if you are writing about Gucci pants, it’s a great place to add a link to the Gucci site. Highlight the text Gucci and make it a link. Never link your keyword as it is frowned upon.

Title- Should be less than 60 characters and contain the keyword.

Readability- has many components and I will cover them here.

Images/videos in content – You should have a few images in your blog

Paragraph length – should be 150 words and no more than 10 sentences max.

Sentence Length – we discussed before should be no more than 20 words or syllables when possible. It is ok to go over that but limit it as much as possible.

Passive voice – we covered this before but should be low.

Transition words-we also covered this before but should be in 20% of your text if possible.

Consecutive sentences- you should not have 2 or more consecutive sentences that begin with the same word.

Subheading distribution – You should have subheadings between as many paragraphs as possible. It keeps the blog clear and concise.

Flesch reading ease- we covered this before but keep your sentences short and sweet and you should be fine.