Begin Lesson 11


In this lesson, you will learn how to find and add great photos for your blogs. You will also learn how to create great graphics using a free site Canva. 

Bonus Material


Photos, graphics and images are a major part of what sperates good blogs from great blogs; Especially when you are talking about beauty and fashion. So it is very important to have great high quality images. The problem is where do you get them?


Pexels is great for images and sometimes even video. It is free, however they do take donations and you must credit them when you use their images in your blogs.


Pixabay also has great images, but you do need to credit them when you use them.


Canva is a great all in one photo, video platform, but there is so much more you can do on Canva. Videos, graphics, special effects you can do it all on Canva, and most of it is free, but a pro membership is around 5.00 US monthly, and absolutely worth that and more.