Begin Lesson 10


In this lesson, you will learn how to Promote your blogs over social media. Specifically Facebook, including groups, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. 

Bonus Material


Earning a living blogging does not end with writing great blog. It actually begins there. Once your great blog is written, now you need to promote it to the public. Now there are many piad ways to promote your blogs, but only a few free ways to promote. And social media is a huge one.

Social Media

Hopefully you have built up a big audience on your social channels and joined many groups that are fashion related. If you have not done that to date, now is the time to get started.


When you are talking fashion, Facebook does not usually seem to be the go to place, but many people have large circles of friends on Facebook, and who better to support you then your friends. So share you blogs on your personal page.

Facebook Groups

Whenever your trying to build a following it is best to get in front of as many people as humanly possible. And Facebook fashion and beauty groups fit the bill. Share your blogs in these groups to reach as many as 1 million people with one simple post. These are huge numbers and if your blog is engaging, can build a massive audience with one simple post.


Post on Instagram as you can reach a huge audience of fashionistas there.


Another great place to post your blogs is Pinterest. Find a trending subject and you may get in front of 1 or 2 million people there.