Lenticular Window Display

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What is the lenticular window display?

The lenticular window display is a special two-dimensional image, which is generated when a lens is placed in the center of the image and then adjusted to display a supposedly 3D effect. The lens can be stationary or sliding, or even a hologram. It is used in marketing, advertising, and entertainment, because of its ability to create an illusion of depth and three-dimensional movement.

lenticular window display

The history of a lenticular display

The history of the lenticular display can be traced back to some of the first lenticular images created in the 1800s. The lenticular image is a clear image or mesh on a flat surface. In the 1800s, they were used in scientific journals to illustrate the effects of an experiment. However, the lenticular image was not widely used until the late 1800s when it was used to create animated advertisements. The lenticular image was used in the early 1900s to create moving images for film. After World War II, lenticular images became a top advertising technique. Lenticular images are used in a wide variety of marketing campaigns. They are used for everything from packaging to advertisements.

lenticular window display

Where lenticular printing can be used

The lenticular display is a process that uses lenticular to create a 3D image. It is used in several different fields, such as in-store visual merchandising. There are many ways that lenticular displays are used in visual merchandising, including product packaging, magazines and newspapers, and advertisements. The lenticular display is a great way to create a unique retail experience for your customers. In retail, it is used in visual merchandising to create an effect that makes the product seem more attractive or the store seem more vibrant.

Lenticular displays are used in marketing to create a 3D effect that is meant to immerse the audience in a product or service. The lenticular lens of a lenticular display creates the illusion of depth, making the object appear to be floating. This is often used in marketing to create a feeling of depth and a sense of immersion.

lenticular window display


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