Legally Blonde: Reese Witherspoon Top 3 Pink Outfit Review

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Raise your hand if you watched this movie! Admit it, Legally Blonde is one of the movies from the 90s to 2000s that lives a special place in your heart. Not just that, Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) has the best and most stylish outfits that are such a fashion inspiration.

Here is the following Legally Blonde outfit that you might want to consider and make look posh and modern to mix and match the new generation of fashion and styling!

Pink Dotted-Pattern Halter Neck Hem Dress

Legally Blonde outfit 1

Say hello to Elle Woods version 1.0! The girly fashionista, classic, chic, and dreamer. Elle Woods went to Harvard after an awful breakup and the rest is the history of what happened in her journey, lol! Look at how confident she is as she flaunts that Pink Dotted-Pattern Halter Neck Hem Dress as she walks in the street with her pink high heels paired with her black shoulder bag and a pair of cool sunglasses. She is the true epitome of beauty and styling way back then. I think this is an era of showing your creativity in fashion and styling and Elle Woods did great on that! A lot of girls out there even use her style and fashion at a Halloween Party (or is it just me?).

Seriously speaking if you have a Pink Dotted-Pattern Halter Neck Hem Dress or the same as this dress you can turn it into a posh and modern look with a new style on it. Wear some jewelry to make the look classy yet casual and heels will always look good in this style. I suggest an evening bag like a small clutch for this look for a lady-like outcome.

Pink Leather Jacket & Pencil Split Skirt

Legally Blonde outfit 2

If you watched Legally Blonde, you will know that Elle Woods is a lady in Pink. She wore pink all the time not just on Wednesday but pink is her lucky and favorite color (I guess). This Pink Leather Jacket & Pencil Split Skirt reminds me of an 80s movie that I watched. It has this vibe that just looking at it, it will bring you back to the good old days and you will be reminded how fashion evolves to a different new level.

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) proves that with fashion, you can be everything you want as long as you are confident in whatever you do. She proves that being afraid at first is okay, all you have to do is to keep going. That’s what this Pink Leather Jacket & Pencil Split Skirt is all about. It’s empowering, just like Elle Woods who also empowered other girl dreamers who want to achieve their goals in life.

Pink Belted Hem Dress

Legally Blonde outfit 3

Tell me that this is one of your favorite scenes because I do! I love the Lawyer vibe, oh! not just a Lawyer but a lovely and fashionable Lawyer! That’s Elle Wood, everyone! She’s the vibe. I love how she paired this Pink Belted Hem Dress with her glittery heels and shoulder bag. Let me say, this look has a casual vibe and it’s perfect for a day out. The hairstyle is on point as well as some accessories.


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