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It’s not as simple as it seems to apply eyeliner, let’s face it. You really can’t learn how to apply eyeliner by viewing a few YouTube videos, no matter how many you read through. There are several factors that go into creating the ideal eyeliner look, including superb technique, a waterproof eyeliner, an easy-to-use primer, and, most importantly, a tonne of experience. However, if you are unfamiliar with the procedure, even the greatest waterproof eyeliners won’t be of much use to you.

Sometimes, just being able to apply eyeliner is insufficient. Additionally, you should be aware of the appropriate eyeliner kind and style for your particular set of eyes. There are several alternatives available, ranging from liquid eyeliners with razor-sharp brushes to soft-tipped pencil eyeliners that resemble kohl. Do you want to keep things understated by choosing a simple eyeliner look or do you prefer to go all out with a strong cat eye? Before learning how to apply eyeliner, you should ideally be asking yourself these questions.

Curious to know more? Read on for a beginner’s guide to all-things eyeliner.

What Are The Different Types Of Eyeliners?

Before figuring out how to use an eyeliner, let’s look at the different types of eyeliners in the market:


 pencil eyeliner

You’re just getting into eyeliners. You only need a pencil eyeliner to get going. Due to the fact that it may also be used as a kohl, an eyeliner pencil is a very affordable alternative. Even if you don’t know how to use one, it has a soft tip that gives you greater control and flexibility. Pencil eyeliner is what we suggest getting your hands on if you enjoy the soft, smeared eyeliner looks.



gel eyeliner

Typically, gel eyeliner comes in a little container and is applied with an external brush. Because of its waxy texture, it won’t bleed all day, so you don’t have to be concerned about unintentionally touching your eyes. A gel eyeliner allows for a bit more accuracy than a pencil eyeliner, making it great for creating a smeared, smokey eye effect. It’s excellent for people who have successfully made the transition to a pencil eyeliner but lack the confidence to try a liquid eyeliner.



liquid eyeliner

You can attempt a liquid eyeliner if you’ve mastered using a pencil and gel eyeliner and want to step things up. You can draw precise, thin lines using liquid eyeliners that are ideal for giving your eyes a defined appearance. If you’re not sure about it, though, go cautiously. Make dots or dashes along your top lash line rather than tracing it all at once. After joining these dashes or dots with a single stroke, fill in the design to finish it off.


How To Apply Your Eyeliner: A Step-By-Step Guide

Follow these steps to know how to apply your eyeliner flawlessly:


Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

Your eyelids should be washed and moisturized first. To make your skin even, you may also dab on some primer and concealer. This will make applying your eyeliner simpler.

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Step 2: Trace Your Upper Lash Line

Starting with your top lash line, trace it with a pencil, gel, or liquid. Your elbow should be on a table. Having your hand stable will assist. The top lash line should be as near to your strokes as feasible. You can always add another layer on top if it’s too thin. Use the ideal amount of product to prevent it from smudging; nevertheless, if it’s too thick, you’ll have to restart the procedure from begin.


Step 3: Wing It

When the brush or pencil reaches the furthest point of your lash line, stop extending it in the direction of your brow bone. The result will be an angled tip. You may even try the cat-eye look if you’re in the mood for something daring. Simply picture a line running from your outermost top eyelash to your brow bone. Now, connect this line’s outermost tip to your top lash line’s eyeliner and fill it in.


Step 4: Complete The Look

Don’t be afraid to apply a second layer of eyeliner if the first doesn’t seem to be enough pigment. Apply mascara for long, luscious lashes and dramatize eyeliner to finish the look.


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