Latest Indian style pooja room designs in 2022 For your Bright Pooja House

indian style pooja room designs

Designing Indian style pooja room is a very big deal and it needs a lot of creative work and different things should be done in a proper way. Before designing anything you should think about…

Middle-class Indian style pooja room designs

Pooja room designs are very important in Indian homes. The pooja room is a prayer area where the Hindu family members perform rituals, usually in the morning and evening. Below are some tips on how to get the best pooja room for your home.

indian style pooja room designs

Indian apartments tend to have a pooja room, and one of the most common requests I get from people looking for apartment design inspiration is to design a pooja room. Because the room is only used for ceremonial purposes and very few other activities, people who live in small spaces or with limited budgets can still give their home a unique but functional look with a well-designed pooja room. This room can be built into an existing space or carved out of an unused area. Here are some middle-class Indian-style pooja room designs.

Small pooja room designs for Indian homes

The idea of pooja room design is not new. It is an age-old tradition to create a separate space dedicated to prayers and meditation. The need for these exclusive spaces has been felt in every household, that’s why we have come up with some innovative concepts of small pooja room designs for Indian homes.

indian style pooja room designs

These designs are the perfect fit for small houses and apartments. Small pooja room design are a great way to get the benefits of prayer and meditation without sacrificing living space or having to travel far from home to your local temple.

indian style pooja room designs

To make a small pooja room, it is better to keep the design open rather than creating walls and dividers. You can make use of glass for the doors and windows so that you can see all around you while doing the prayers. Ornate the walls with beautiful paintings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology or scriptures in Sanskrit or Hindi.

A good furniture arrangement is also important for a good pooja room design. The best thing about small spaces is that they don’t require heavy furniture pieces, which makes them ideal for mobile furniture. Small cabinets can be used to store religious items like incense sticks, candle holders, flowers, and candles along with other religious paraphernalia like bells, and gongs.

indian style pooja room designs

Small pooja room designs for south Indian homes

Our traditional pooja rooms in south Indian homes are small and mostly dark. The most prominent feature is the sanctum sanctorum or garbhagriha, which is normally a dark room with a single lamp or an oil lamp. The walls are painted red to symbolize the energy of life and blood; white is used for purity and peace; green for prosperity and growth, and black for protection against evil forces.


The idols of the deities are placed on a raised platform called a mandapa or altar. The mandapa is normally covered with cots to designate that it is used only during the pooja ceremony. When not in use, the cots are stacked against the wall of the room.

Some houses may have more than one pooja room. The smaller rooms are used to keep other deities like Shiva, Ganapati, etc. Some houses also have separate rooms for each family member to do his/her personal poojas.

Interior design for pooja room wall units

Pooja is a traditional form of Hindu worship in which an offering or sacrifice is made for a higher purpose. This can include food, water, flower garlands, incense, or anything that might be pleasing to the gods. After praying, devotees will come together to eat the food and drink the water. Food is often served on banana leaves, as it symbolizes nature and its cycles of life.

indian style pooja room designs

This room should be clean and free from clutter, so items are placed on shelves rather than on the floor. The walls are painted white and adorned with images of Hindu gods. The murtis (statues) might be placed on a platform in front of an altar or on a pedestal in the middle of the room. A lamp is usually kept nearby to represent the spiritual fire that burns within each person.

A small cotton rug sits under the altar for guests to kneel on if they choose. During pooja ceremonies, families may sit on the floor rather than on chairs or benches. There should also be space for people to sit around the murtis when groups gather for prayer services.

Pooja Room Steps Design / latest pooja room designs

These are pooja room steps design. pooja room interior design is part of the Indian home where we perform our daily worship to God. pooja room interior design is nothing but the place where we offer Puja to God and Goddesses. Pooja room style can be traditional or contemporary in design. In traditional pooja rooms, you will find the pictures of Gods, Goddesses, and Saints decorating the walls. There will be a small table with a pot full of water and flowers on it called Tala-kutti. The idols of Gods and Goddesses are placed on the Tala-kutti during prayer time or puja time. Pooja room can also be designed for performing other religious activities like yoga or havan.

indian style pooja room designs

Multi-colored glass bangles hang from the ceiling along with chandeliers and oil lamps that burn throughout the day and night, creating an illuminating atmosphere within the Pooja room. You can see different types of Poojas like Aarti, Abhishekam, Homam, Havans, etc., being performed in pooja room interior design throughout the country. The Poojas are usually performed by the female members of the family while male members observe them from outside sitting on the floor.


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