La Pascualita’s Bridal Mannequins in Mexico Bridal Store

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In Mexico, there is a bridal name La Popular in which different bridal mannequins are kept on that mannequins bridal dresses are displayed for buyers. On the door of the La Popular, a shop representative bridal statue is kept in the main window of the shop, it is said that this is not a statue but the mummy of the shop’s owner’s daughter. The displayed mannequin is so perfectly trimmed, so it is said that this is not a mannequin but a real human.

This shop is established in 19’s and on 25 March 1930 there is the marriage of the owner’s daughter and her father designed a wedding dress for her but unfortunately, she died before her wedding due to the string of a poisoned scorpion hidden in her bridal crown. So her father put her wedding dress on her mummy and decorated it on the sideboard of the shop so that she could always be a beautiful bride of all times. Although the mannequin is so beautiful. From that time till now the same statue is there and many people go there for their wedding dress shopping La Popular. Due to this special mannequin, this shop is one of the most famous bridal shops in Mexico.

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Features of Mannequin La Pascualita

The Pascualita nickname is “Chihuahua’s most Beautiful Bride”. Its status is still at the same place from the very beginning day it was kept there on the main window of the bridal store, it is 80 years old mannequin. And the shop is more former than a mannequin. But as the matter of fact, it is also said that the mannequin is made up of wax.

This is claimed that the body parts and features of La Pascualita are as real as an original human body like the fingers, eyes structure, eyelashes, hairs, skin structure, etc. Some also state that they see the mannequin moving laughing and crying also and avoid passing by that shop at night. People also made many superstitions about it like she is granting miracles.

  • Bridal Mannequins Eye Structure

It has crystal eyes, but a slight appearance of tin veins carrying a lot of memories in them. The eyes of the mannequin are looked as if they are naturally made because an artist can’t make such perfection in eyes, the eyelashes seem so beautiful and so long that they are aligned amazingly up and beneath the eyes. The eyes shape and brightened lens of the eyes feel so realistic to the viewer. Explaining a bunch of dreams and a story of a mademoiselle from 19’s life.

bridal mannequins eye structure

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  • Bridal Mannequins Hands Structure

La Pascualita’s hands are always in a position of spring into action and the nails appear so real in their beds that the shape emergence from hands to the fingertips gives the illusions of originality, the depression between the fingers as very according arranged appears from the distance similar to a real human’s hand.

bridal mannequins hands structure

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  • People’s Opinions

Some people believed to have successful marriages by wearing La Popular wedding dress on their wedding, but some think that it is not good for their marriages to wear La Popular bridal store dress. People also test the mannequin of La Pascualita and came to the result that the whole mannequin is made up of wax but the spine-chilling seems original.


Whatever the reality is many of us want to visit that shop and many also want to buy their wedding dress but many of us become afraid and don’t wanna buy or even travel to that shop. The people of Mexico and many in the world still passionately dreamed to buy or even their wedding dresses from La Popular store and wear on their wedding without any fear hence it has proved to some people that the things related to La Pascualita are just myths and have no any relation with reality. What you all guys think about it tell me your opinions, is it fearful?

By Marie Joseph 

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