Korea’s Big Star Song Hye Kyo: Fashion & Style

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Song Hye Kyo is one of the best actresses in Korea. With that being said, she always make sure that she wore the best outfit as well. Here are a few outfits she wore in her endorsement and movie shoots. 

Look #1: Turtle Neck On Shorts

A turtle neck on shorts is always a good choice for a lazy day out especially on a Sunday. You could wear this when you have plans to walk in the park on a bike or just for a chill day. You can pair this with loafers or a sneaker. Depends on what you prefer most.

Look #2: Dress On Shoe

This kind of look is always on-trend and still on-trend in the world of fashion and Song Hye Kyo gives a little spice to this one with her long straight hair. The whole look looks great on her, especially the shoes, which match the green fitted dress. This could be great on a brunch date outfit.

Look #3: Winter Look

The Winter season just ended but with this style of Song Hye Kyo, you can add this one to your winter look list for the next winter. Or you can wear this for a spring day out, just change the thick jacket to a cardigan and you’re ready to go! Match this look with high-edge shoes for a casual look.

Look #4: Formal/Casual Look

This style is perfect for a formal/casual look with a pair of blazers and a high-edge shoe. It gives a posh and empowering vibe of look and Song Hye Kyo looks vibrant with it.

Look #5: Turtle Neck on High Waist Jeans

You might want to consider this look for a lunch date or coffee run. A pair of high-waisted denim jeans on a turtle neck shirt looks perfect on a sneaker or high-edge shoes but if you want to look formal a heel looks good on this one too.

What do you think about Song Hye Kyo’s fashion and style? Any outfit ideas you might want to add to your list? Comment down below and let’s exchange thoughts 😉

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