Keep It Natural : Try These 6 DIY Sunscreens For More Sun Protection

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This summer, fight the sun naturally and protect your skin with easy-to-make, DIY sunscreens.

If there’s one thing physicians and skin care experts would advise you before going outside in the sun, it’s to apply sunscreen. We are continually exposing our skin to the sun and ultra-violet rays, which can cause irreparable damage.

“Some rays can cause harm to the epidermal layer. “Either totally cover it up so the rays don’t hit you directly, or add a superficial layer, such as sunscreen,” by beauty experts.

Because some of the harm caused by the sun’s rays may occur gradually, we may not realize it. “Skin begins to produce melanin at a quicker rate after extended exposure to the sun. This can cause capillaries in the skin to rupture, producing wrinkles and possibly cancer,” beauty experts say.

DIY sunscreens


Here are some homemade DIY sunscreens:

1. Combine 50 mL mineral water, 1 tsp pure glycerine or aloe vera gel, and 12 tsp sunflower oil in a mixing bowl. To prepare a lotion, combine all ingredients and add 3 to 4 tsp zinc oxide. 3 tablespoons zinc oxide will offer SPF 15 for a total of 60ml. If your skin is normal to dry, you can also use 4 drops of vitamin E oil.

2. Mix 2 tbsp coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and sunflower oil together. Place them in a basin and heat them in a water bath. Heat until the coconut oil has completely melted. A few drops of vitamin E oil are added. Calculate the sum. If you use 15% zinc oxide of the weight, you will get an SPF of 15 to 18.


3. Take the gel from an aloe vera leaf and combine it with a pinch of turmeric, which has antibacterial qualities. It will keep you safe from germs spread by perspiration. Before leaving the house, freeze it in ice cubes and massage it on your skin.

4. In a spray bottle, combine aloe vera juice, a few drops of glycerin, and rosewater. Refrigerate the solution before spraying it on exposed body regions.

5. Apply glycerin on sun-damaged skin to help it repair. It helps to keep the damage from becoming irreversible. Glycerin soaps and body washes can also be used.

6. Desi kharbooja (musk-melon) aids in tan removal. Before bathing, mash the pulp and apply it on your body and face. It assists in the removal of melanin from the skin.

Conclusion :

Sunscreen is a necessary product for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. It can be difficult to find the best sunscreen for your skin type, so many people turn to making their own DIY sunscreens at home. DIY sunscreens have their pros and cons, but overall it is a good alternative if you are looking for something more natural or want to save some money.

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 Blog By: Isha Sharma

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