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Kathryn Bernardo currently, is the only Filipino actress with two films earning more than P800 million each. Forbes Asia listed her as one of Asia-Pacific’s most influential celebrities on social media. Metro Society included her on their list of Most Influential on Social Media. EdukCircle listed her as one of the Most Influential Celebrities of the Decade.

Kathryn is not only famous in acting but also in the Fashion Industry. She is also a vlogger. She owns a lot of designer bags, shoes and clothes. But she loves to collect more bags. So here’s her vlog title “MY FAVORITE DESIGNER BAG”. Click here to see the vlog.  I also have here a screenshot of her vlog and some details.

In one of her blog she talked about the bag from a famous designer, Christian Dior.

This cute Chanel was given to her from the mother of her boyfriend. It holds a sentimental value to her.

This is her Christian Dior a Christmas gift for her self. Also, it is her alternative bag from her Chanel black bag.

This is the black Chanel bag. The most used bag of all. She have this when she was still 18 years old. For her it is still a good investment.


Kathryn Bernardo once said “I hope this inspire you to save up or invest in something for birthdays or something. Because for me, it’s good to reward yourself for once in a while because it keeps you motivated.” And that is something worth learning for that video.

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