Kardashians Wedding Dresses


Kardashian always leads supremacy in fashion. Whether we talk about ramp walks or Kardashians wedding dresses Kardashians always catch the attention of everyone. Whenever they post something about their dress millions of people like them.

Kardashian wore these beautiful bridal dresses;

  • Kris Wedding Dress:

Kris Jenner is the mother of all 5 beautiful Kardashians; Kim, Kourtney, Kholé, Kendall, and Kylie. She is also a beautiful model like her daughters. Kris has a class and she is a self-esteem lady. Also, she got married twice. Here is her picture from when she got married to Bruce.

Wedding Dresses 1

  • Kim’s Wedding Dresses:

Although Kim got married thrice she always looks beautiful at her all weddings. Apparently, she wore branded dresses at her weddings. Although she belongs to a very rich and lead class family.

  • 1st Wedding Dress:

In her marriage, which was held in 2000 and she wore a stunning fairytale gown. Vera Wang designed this beautiful net gown.

  • 2nd Wedding Dress:

She got married in 2011. She again wore a gown at this wedding as it was an Ivory Mermaid bridal gown. Moreover, there were net designs on this gown’s flare.

  • 3rd Wedding Dress:

Kim’s this wedding dress was just awesome. She never looked as gorgeous before as she was looking in this dress. She wore a luxury full-sleeve gown.


Wedding Dresses 2

  • Kourtney’s Dresses:

She is also married. Not only this she has been married 2 times before. The most interesting thing is her spouse is always Travis Barker. She wore a Corseted Dolce and Gabbana Dress at her wedding in 2022.

Wedding Dresses 3

  • Kholé at her Wedding:

Khole got married in 2009 to the basketball player Lamar Odom. She married him only after one month after their meet-up. However, she is the most generous Kardashian and a good-hearted lady. This beautiful lady wore a gorgeous mermaid gown. This was white. Moreover, a grey strip is also part of her dress.

Wedding Dresses 234

  • Wedding Dresses of Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is a boss lady. She is among the list of the world`s self-made billionaires. Moreover, Kylie is the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics and runs many famous brands in the world. Furthermore, Kylie belongs to Kardashians. All these reasons made her the most powerful woman.

But Kylie is not married yet but this does not mean she is still single. She is dating a famous singer Travis Scott for many years. Travis and Kylie have two children together but our dream is to see our stunning model as a bride. Honestly, she didn’t let us down in this matter too.

Kylie wore a beautiful bridal gown at the Met Gala festival this year. It was an Off-White bridal gown and I must say I have never seen such a beautiful bridal dress ever. The veil is looking so beautiful with this gown. Here is a picture of Kylie.

  • Kardashians Wedding 768

Wedding Dresses that Kendell wore:

Kardashians Wedding 01

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