K-pop Star Jessi’s Style

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In today’s blog, K-pop Star Jessi’s style will be examined. It is no doubt that K-pop stars have amazing style, especially since Korea places a lot of importance on image and looks. However, no one’s style quite compares to Jessi’s style. Her unique taste is quite unmatched and is a great combination of Korean and American-inspired influences. Below are some of my favorite styles from her:


K-pop Star Jessi’s Jumpsuits

K-pop Star Jessi has a style that can often be described as bold and outrageous but I find it absolutely amazing. What I love most about Jumpsuits and hers in particular is that they can be so versatile. No two pairs look alike. All looks worn by Jessi really compliment her body shape emphasizing her hips, and tiny waist and they make her look much taller than she actually is.

K-pop Star Jessi's Style K-pop Star Jessi's Style K-pop Star Jessi's Style


 Jessi’s “Two-Piece” Outfits

What I particularly like about these outfits is that the tops are “cropped”, the pants emphasize a slim waist and appear to be somewhat high-waisted and the designs are detailed but not over-the-top. However, they are very stylish and eye-catching.



K-pop Star Jessi’s dresses

Here we can see that her style is very diverse. Sometimes, thin-strapped is worn, sometimes “thick-strapped” is worn. She alternates between bold colors like red and yellow and duller colors like grey and black.




K-pop Star Jessi’s “Bikini” inspired Outfits

I like to call her the “Queen of Confidence” as it takes a lot of confidence to portray bikini-inspired looks like these and to portray them well on top of it all! The hairstyles also suit the outfits really well.




K-pop Star Jessi’s Turtlenecks

Not everyone can rock a turtleneck but Jessi sure can! Just take a look at these gorgeous pieces. I especially love the leopard prints. Her style is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, in the K-pop music industry.




Written by Alejandra Mora.

Copyright © 2022 by Alejandra Mora

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