Journey from girl to woman

girl raised with love and affection, been taught to be independent in her thoughts and living. Educated by her parents, certified with her courses, given family values, principles to live life.

Given the thoughts to be beautiful from the inside, be kind to people, respect, and have self-respect. Lives her life with her soul of given values, thinking, and guided to the path from girl to a woman by her parents and family.

In the meanwhile where she has been concentrated on her career, and life, she also gets judged for her domestic abilities, to her fashion sense, to the way she lives her life, her preferences, choices, are judged altogether.


To the age, where she gets out of her bonds, and bounds and gets connected to other people to spend her life. And been said to accept the other people as her family, responsibility. Transforms from a girl to woman of the house. Changes her routine, to the way she is put into. Her dreams and wishes are rarely seen by others, as she is now defined as the woman to be responsible for the complete family. She is transformed from a daughter to wife of someone, a daughter in law, then a mother

In the midst of All these things.. Few lines to every woman

You are worthy, you are respected, you are beautiful in the way you are.. In Al the priorities of life, keep yourself as first priority, so as to handle your surroundings. You matter to yourself. Carry yourself with the dignity you have been raised. No matter what be the other, your life is worth to you. Stay strong. Stay positive


By Saasha Sasha

photos by Pavel Danilyuk


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