Jimin and Jung Hoseok Stealing Spotlight at Dior Fashion Show

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BTS member J-hope recently attended the fashion show in Paris with BTS Jimin, who is now the Dior representative.

The global K-pop phenomenon BTS is now prepared to take on the fashion world after dominating the music business. At Paris Fashion Week 2023, members Jung Hoseok, also known by his stage name J-Hope, and Park Jimin, also known as Jimin, got back together. BTS as the international brand representative for DIOR, Jimin was present at the Paris fashion show. On January 19, J-Hope attended Louis Vuitton there.

Fans cheered for the pair as they arrived, At the Dior fashion show in Paris, BTS the Korean singers Jimin and J-hope make an explosive entrance and their endearing exchanges stole the show.

The following day, January 20, at the DIOR event, J-hope allegedly joined Jimin. In the front row of the performance, Jimin and J-Hope were seated next to one another.

Dior Fashion Show 1

Jimin looked stunning in a grey suit and turtleneck from the company’s prior Pre-Fall 2023 Menswear line. For a more contemporary appearance, he added some camel-colored combat boots to the ensemble. Jimin altered this style to fit him rather than wearing it as it appeared on the catwalk. The identical outfit was worn by the model down the catwalk, along with a matching demi-skirt that fastens at the waist like a buckle. Jimin’s decision to forego the additional component and switch the type of boots makes the ensemble more recognizable as his own personal style.


Dior Fashion Show 2

J-Hope, meanwhile, added his own special touch to a look that was right off the runway. J-Hope accessorized his ensemble, which was also from the Pre-Fall 2023 Haute couture collection, with a chain necklace and a pair of boots. The model flaunts dark boots and no necklace while walking down the catwalk.

“Main character” feelings are given off by the contrast with J-attire! Hope’s J-Hope elevates himself to the center stage with the addition of new spectacles and modifications. After all, it’s not only about the outfit details, but also the charisma behind the look that truly makes it amazing!

In their respective versions of DIOR, both BTS members looked amazingly handsome. And most important being an ARMY I’m proud of my idols that even though they have gone through so much they never give up and now every single brand tries to collab with them whether it’s related to fashion, music, or anything.

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