Jennifer Connelly: Ethereal Pixie and 7 other Iconic Hairstyles

Jennifer Connelly cascade hairstyle
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Jennifer Connelly needs no introduction. She is a friend of fashion, and the industry knows how to reward its royalties best. Jenny, as I usually call her, is the epitome of modern beauty and grace. Countless times, she has captivated her audiences with her undeniable talent, on and off the red carpet.

As a fact, her great fashion sense has gone beyond her acting prowess and has been evolving over the years.  Her hairstyles have been at the center of discussion, with many terming them as being very unique and stylish. From the common pixel hairstyle to the very complicated one, all seem to be blending to her unique fashion taste. Take a look.

1. The Ethereal Pixie:

In this sassy hairstyle, the stylish Jennifer Connelly went for a short pixel cut. Probably the year was 1986, and she became famous for that signature hairstyle, winning the hearts of many fans. The hairstyle was not only a physical move but also a symbol of her heroic transformation from childhood traumas to her current success.

 Jennifer Connelly hot hairstyle

2. The Modern Mermaid:

As a good fashionista, you must learn to experiment with your own hair, and so does Jennifer Connelly. She chose to do the fiery red pixie cut, which involved sporting loose waves and, at times, some messy buns. This was a great take on her iconic hairstyles and looked sexy.

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3. The classic cascade:

Most, if not all, female celebrities are guilty of trying the classic cascade hairstyle. To some, it might have worked perfectly, but to others, it might have backfired. I am glad to report that Jennifer Connelly was and is still a master at it. She let her long, dark hair cascade down her shoulders, forming very soft waves. This style is very common to date as it is a staple for the red carpet, often depicting participants as being very stylish.

 Jennifer Connelly cascade hairstyle

4. The daring shave:

This would probably come as a surprise to you but actually, Jennifer Connelly shaved all her hair to play a role in the Marion Silver film. Many expected the move to look odd but actually turned up to be very stylish.

 Jennifer Connelly shave

5. How about we end with a bob?

A bob is often a very stylish shoulder-length hairstyle that has very sleek and polished waves. It is mirrored in the strength and resilience of her character.


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