Jeans Brands to Know

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Nowadays, jeans are an essential piece that we wear for casual daytime looks or evening outfits. So the perfect jeans are those jeans that sublime our buttocks and waist, adapt to our morphology, and are comfortable.

Vintage jeans, which are raw jeans with an aged wash, are in the spotlight. Here are some must-have jeans brands.

Wrangler jeans 

Wrangler jeans brands

Wrangler jeans last in both quality and style. There are 2 types of wrangler jeans including perfectly cut skinny jeans and extra-large jeans whose models range from light to dark denim.

Weekday jeans

Weekday jeans brands

Weekday jeans are impeccable cuts, colorful denim, and the latest trends.

Levi’s jeans 

Levi's jeans brands

Levi’s jeans are vintage inspirations and modern cuts season after season and seduce with their high waist and straight cut. Models of Levi’s jeans are the Ribcage, the Wedgie, or the High Loose.

Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans brands

Lee Jeans jeans adapt to the morphology of the person who wore these jeans.

Joe’s Jeans 

Joe’s Jeans jeans are a mix of Los Angeles coolness and rock’n’roll spirit and are made for all body types. The purpose of the brand Joe’s Jeans is about giving everyone the perfect fit or style.

Kaporal jeans

Kaporal jeans are quality jeans with a strong identity.

Mother jeans 

Mother jeans are vintage-inspired jeans at their rawest. They cater to all body types.


Current Elliott jeans 

Current Elliott jeans highlight jeans in their timeless aspect. They are 2 types of denim jeans which are cut as original jeans when they were created and boyfriend jeans.

J Brand jeans

J Brand jeans are inspired by skinny jeans and there are 2 types including kick flare and cigarette jeans.

Guess jeans 

Guess jeans are flattering jeans suitable for all body types. They are 2 types. These are destroyed and raw skinny jeans.


Thus, jeans are this essential, comfortable piece, which sublimates our buttocks, and waist, and adapts to our morphology. There are several brands of jeans essentials including jeans Wrangler, Weekday, Levi’s, Lee Jeans, Joe’s Jeans, Kaporal, Mother, Current Elliott, J Brand and Guess.

By Lonesky Dumax

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