JASMINE FARES: Redefining Modest Fashion with Timeless Elegance and Ethical Practices:

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FARES is a distinguished fashion brand that goes beyond mere clothing, embodying the essence of timeless elegance, modesty, and ethical practices. Jasmine and Dawoud, the visionary founders of FARES, embarked on a journey to bridge the gaps in the fashion market and create a brand that resonates with the discerning tastes of individuals seeking premium quality, sustainability, and a profound sense of style. In this article, we explore FARES‘ design philosophy, ethical production approach, and commitment to empowering women, showcasing how this brand is revolutionizing the world of modest fashion.

Design Philosophy:

FARES prides itself on a design philosophy deeply rooted in the values of timelessness and elegance. Recognizing the need for modest clothing that transcends fleeting trends, FARES strives to create garments that endure the test of time, both in terms of style and durability. Each piece is thoughtfully designed by Jasmine herself, combining classic silhouettes, intricate details, and high-quality fabrics to capture the essence of modesty without compromising on elegance.

Ethical Production Approach:

FARES stands as a testament to its commitment to ethical production practices. By collaborating with small Muslim-owned manufacturers in Turkey, FARES supports local communities and promotes sustainable craftsmanship. Every artisan involved in the production process is treated fairly, receiving fair wages, and working in safe conditions. With a transparent supply chain and a meticulous selection of materials, FARES ensures that its garments not only look good but also carry a positive impact on the world.

Building a Sustainable Wardrobe:

In an era dominated by fast fashion, FARES paves the way for a different approach through its advocacy of slow fashion. By offering timeless pieces that transcend seasonal trends, FARES encourages customers to build a sustainable wardrobe with lasting value. These versatile garments can be styled in various ways, providing endless opportunities for personal expression. By fostering a culture of mindful consumption, FARES aims to reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable fashion industry.

Empowering Women:

FARES believes in empowering women through its elegant designs and steadfast commitment to modesty. The brand understands that modest fashion should never restrict self-expression; instead, it should enhance it. By providing women with meticulously crafted, high-quality garments, FARES instills confidence and enables individuals to embrace their personal style while staying true to their values. With each piece, FARES aims to empower women and celebrate their individuality.

Global Reach:

FARES recognizes the significance of accessibility in the digital age. Through its user-friendly online platform, FARES offers worldwide delivery, allowing women from all corners of the world to experience the allure and sophistication of its garments. Regardless of geographical location, customers can now effortlessly access premium modest fashion, enhancing their personal style and contributing to FARES’ global impact.


Q1: What sets  FARES apart from other modest fashion brands?

FARES stands out by offering timeless elegance and a commitment to social responsibility. Our garments are designed to last and empower women.

Q2:Who are the founders of FARES, and what inspired them to create the brand?

FARES was founded by Jasmine and Dawoud, who identified the need for modest fashion that transcends trends and reflects timeless elegance.

Q3: How does FARES ensure ethical production practices?

FARES collaborates with small Muslim-owned manufacturers in Turkey, upholding fair labor standards and supporting local communities.

Q4: What types of garments do FARES offer?

FARES offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed garments, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories, all designed with a focus on modesty and elegance.


Q5: Can I find FARES products in physical stores, or is it an online-only brand?

Currently, FARES operates as an online-only brand, offering worldwide shipping for customer convenience.

Q6: Are FARES garments made from sustainable materials?

FARES is dedicated to using high-quality, sustainable fabrics that reduce environmental impact while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Q7: How can I determine my size when purchasing FARES products?

FARES provides detailed size guides for each product, helping customers choose the right fit. Additionally, the brand offers guidance on fit in the product descriptions.

Q8: Does FARES offer customization or personalized styling services?

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At present, FARES does not offer customization or personalized styling services. However, the brand’s timeless designs allow for individual styling and versatility.

Q9: Can I return or exchange my FARES purchase if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

FARES has a comprehensive return policy outlined on their website, ensuring customer satisfaction. Please refer to the return policy for specific details.

Q10: How can I stay updated on new collections, restocks, and promotions from FARES?

Customers can sign up for the FARES newsletter or follow their social media accounts to receive the latest updates on new collections, restocks, and exclusive promotions.


 Conclusion:     FARES stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the world of modest fashion, seamlessly blending timeless elegance, ethical practices, and empowerment. With a design philosophy rooted in timelessness and elegance, FARES crafts garments that transcend trends and endure through time. By upholding ethical production practices, the brand uplifts artisans and supports local communities. FARES invites individuals to build sustainable wardrobes that reflect their values and personal style. Through its commitment to empowering women, FARES revolutionizes the notion of modest fashion, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves. Join FARES on this transformative journey and be part of the evolution of modest fashion.

Summary:     FARES is a leading brand in the modest fashion industry, catering to women who value elegance, style, and integrity. With a focus on timeless pieces, FARES aims to provide thoughtfully designed garments that resonate with a diverse range of customers. The brand’s commitment to transparency is evident in its ethical production practices, collaborations with small Muslim-owned manufacturers in Turkey, and dedication to empowering communities. By embracing FARES, women can confidently express their personal style while aligning with their values. Join the FARES movement and embrace the essence of modest fashion.

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