JACKETS 101: Different styles of Jackets

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Jackets are a great gift to fashion. They look great when layered on, make you look stylish, and even protect you from cold in the winter. Jackets according to me are so underrated, I mean you can pair a jacket with anything and it will elevate your whole look! So here I bring you different styles of jackets that you might want to get your hands on for the winter season!

JACKETS 101: Different styles of Jackets



A denim jacket also called a jean jacket or trucker jacket is a jacket made of denim.

A denim jacket is essential for your wardrobe, no matter what the season is. A trustworthy denim jacket goes well with everything in your wardrobe!




You must have all heard of leather jackets, they are all in right now! Leather jackets make you edgy and give you a mysterious aura, in a good way! And also leather jackets are warm af so they protect you from the cold weather. You may pair your leather jacket with any outfit be it a dress, jeans and it will make your outfit look 1000 times better!



Bomber Jackets, in particular, have never been more popular around the world than they are right now. The classic jacket is both attractive and adaptable, as it comes in a range of styles and can be worn for a variety of events.




A windbreaker, also known as a windcheater, is a lightweight garment made of thin fabric that is meant to withstand wind chill and light rain. If you are looking for something that will keep you warm, a windcheater jacket is a way to go!


Puffer Jackets


Earlier, puffer jackets were just used to protect ourselves from cold, but now they have become a fashion statement! Nowadays puffer jackets come in a whole lot of styles, lengths, and colors, and can we say that we love them!




A parka is a long jacket that is well-insulated and has a fur-lined hood. With the rise of streetwear, nineties fashion, and oversized silhouettes, this old jacket style is firmly back in the limelight.


How many of these do you own? How do you like to pair these?  Let us know!

Blog by: Priya Grover

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