Ivana Knoll, the sexiest fan in the world

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Ivana Knoll describes herself as the “hottest fan in the world,” and she lives up to the title by supporting Croatia during the World Cup in Qatar by dressing sexily. Ivana Knoll’s scandalous behavior during the FIFA World Cup 2022 caused officials in the Islamic nation to take notice of her, and she has previously made headlines when sitting in the stands.

1. At the game, Ivana Knoll donned a contentious outfit.

At the game, Ivana Knoll donned a contentious outfit.

When Ivana entered the Education City Stadium to see the World Cup quarterfinal match between Croatia and Brazil, the Qatari security got into a fight with her. She was observed walking around in a bikini top and red high-waisted leggings. For the duration of the competition, Qatar has prohibited skin displays and asked spectators to respect their culture. Ivana, however, has not paid attention.

2. Ivana Knoll draws attention with revealing clothes

Ivana Knoll draws attention with revealing clothes

Ivana’s provocative attire has previously garnered media attention. She supported her team from the stands even during the Japan vs. Croatia game while wearing contentious attire as per Qatari government regulations.

3. Previously, Ivana Knoll was Miss Croatia.

Ivana Knoll was Miss Croatia

Ivana Knoll, a former Miss Croatia, and current model enjoy dressing scantily to highlight her toned body and support her country’s men’s football team. However, controversy has surrounded her latest Qatari attire.

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4. Ivana Knoll is unafraid to be exposed.

Ivana Knoll is unafraid to be exposed

Ivana Knoll issued a challenge to the Qatari government, stating that she would turn nauseous if Croatia went on to win the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Ivana, who was sporting the national flag, responded, “If that occurs, the flag falls,” when asked by a German TV station what would happen if Croatia won.

5. Ivana Knoll will attend the semi-final between Croatia and Argentina.

Ivana Knoll will attend the semi-final between Croatia and Argentina

Ivana has consistently attended Croatia games during this FIFA World Cup, and it is anticipated that she would return in another beautiful and provocative outfit for the Argentina semi-final. Despite rumors that she wouldn’t be allowed to watch the semifinal match, she was spotted in the stands well before the 10 p.m. start time in the second-largest city of Qatar.

In preparation for a highly anticipated semifinal, she sported a form-fitting red and checked top and an oversized hat. She was joined by other fans.

Knoll, a former contestant for Miss Croatia 2016, was spotted taking pictures with a Mexican supporter who adopted Croatia after his own nation failed to advance past the group stage.

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