Israel Adesanya Fashion Styles

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Adesanya’s Early Career:

Lagos, Nigeria-born international kickboxer Israel Adesanya was born into the family of Mr. Olufemi and Mrs. Adesanya on July 22, 1989. He attended Chrisland International School in Opebi, Lagos. During his early educational pursuits, he joined the evening Taekwondo sport after school.

Adesanya is a sports lover and confident enough to actively involve himself in the hard-hitting game. Taekwondo is a sport that involves physical attacks by two people against each other. Israel Adesanya suffered an injury in a game with an opponent, so his mother withdrew him from further participation in the sport because he incurred a severe injury.


Later in his life, his parents moved to Europe from New Zealand, and they settled in Rotorua.

He completed his secondary education at Rotorua High School. Adesanya decided to pursue martial arts because of his love for Japanese anime, like the manga series Naruto and Death Note.


During high school, Adesanya went through a difficult time, being bullied by his colleagues as a new student. The experience made him stronger and more courageous to choose mixed martial arts as a professional career. He trained with future UFC fighters like Dan Hooker, Kai Kara, and other warriors.


Israel Adesanya’s Fashion in the Boxing Ring:


Israel Adesanya

The current UFC champion, Israel Oluwafemi Adesanya, is a prolific fashion and style lover. He usually demonstrates his passion for beautiful styles to appeal to his fans.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

The rule in the boxing ring does not allow the fighters to put on clothes; this is to enable their fans and referees to see them clearly as they fight and administer justice.


The truth is that fashion cannot be taken out of everyday life. In this picture, Adesanya rocks blue hand gloves, blue fighter’s pants, and a UFC Championship Belt around his waist, and his mother joined him to lace herself with an adorable blue Bubu gown. It was never an expensive joke, but the mother’s love for her son in the lion’s den


The well-designed UFC Championship Belt is not for everyone; it is made for champions alone. This picture was taken when he had a victory against his rival mixed martial artist, Alex Pereira, in the just-concluded fight in April.


Alex Pereira had beaten him twice in their previous matches. The current martial artist and kickboxer, Adesanya, has taken the martial arts ring crown.


This victory was celebrated by his lovers and friends in every part of Auckland, the United States, and many other countries in Europe.


Adeshanya after Party Fashion Life:


Israel Adesanya 1

The UFC middleweight champion, Adesanya, intentionally posed for this motionless picture. He looks charming in this street-fashion outfit. He is very bold and confident, putting on a black shirt and long trousers laced with green sneakers. The outfits were blended with the enshrined types of royal regalia to depict the African culture where he came from. Money makes the world go round, but fashion beautifies it.




Adesanya is a man who adores fashion and chooses to live the best of the beautiful life, always making a dramatic demonstration of readiness and a cheerful move before every stage fight. He’s a fashion enthusiast in the world of mixed martial arts, which usually makes his fans and lovers happy.

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