Although, both style and fashion are commonly meant as terms. However, they are not common. Similarly, style and fashion are overlapping and interchangeable with each other. Yet, they both have very specific and significant meaning and understanding in the world of vogue and glamour. The first is permanent but mostly individual. While the former is temporary but collective. Through this blog, I have tried to explain the common differences as well as interrelationships between the terms. So that misinterpretation and misunderstanding may be avoided.

Keeping in view the significance of understanding both the terms clearly, I have explained some of the very basic questions including what is style and fashion as well as what is common and different between them. In the conclusion of this blog, I have mentioned the interconnectivity between both terms. So now let’s read it fully and understand its importance.

What is Style?

Style is something that is personal and self-related. In the very diverse world of vogue, it is the personal and self-adaptation of an individual (whether male or female). With regard to expressing himself or herself as creative and artistic or choosy in clothing, cosmetics, wearing, haircut, foot-wears and other outfits accessories related to different fashions. When someone has a distinctive or unique appearance in terms of gorgeous and dashing look we call it a particular style.

It can be absolutely creative, artistic, ideal, new, or adaptive were different trends and mixed or joined to give a new and attractive look be it in lifestyle, clothing, earrings, footwear, hairstyle, make-up style, and other wearing or carrying things.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is something that is trending in certain cultures, regions, places, and countries. It is a complex but composite term. When styles become common, dominant, ideal, and leading or when we have certain popular lifestyles it is termed fashion. Another explanation of fashion is that it is mainly the combination of different styles which remain in trend. Usually, we see some fashion iconic personalities who when adapt to any creative and new style, soon become a vogue or a trend due to fan followers’ love, adaptation, and consumption. However, with the passage of time fashion keeps on changing, or even we have a completely new and different fashion as per modern changes and needs. Fashion Style


What is the main difference between Style & Fashion?

One of the common differences in the following two main differences. Style is something that is related to individuals and it is the most timeless practice or lifestyle. It is unique, new, constant, limited, self, and internal. Whereas, fashion is something that is collective, time-bound, or trendy. It is versatile, temporary, changeable, time-bound, countless, unlimited, and external. Style is micro while fashion is macro.

What is common between Style & Fashion?

Most of the time, these terms are inter-mingling and overlapping terms. Although, it is quite difficult to explain the commonalities between fashion and style. However, both of them heavily depend on each other. We need them in order to art and craft something which is new, fancy, unique, stylistic, iconic, and attractive. Similarly, different lifestyles contain both things altogether and parallel. Style and fashion as common have given birth to a new fashion. They both cause street fashion and street style. We normally find both things as overlapping and complementing each other between fashion and style. Additionally, If fashion is the way of life, style is its direction similarly if fashion is manufactured, style is shaped.  Style


Both the terms have given birth to the vogue industry. Therefore it has become a dire need of the vogue industry to deal with the prevailing styles. Similarly, the industry needs to follow the current trends in fashion. These trends are very much popular and followed by the masses. In a nutshell, we can conclude that both the terms have something common and inter-dependable. Yet, they are quite different from each other. Because style is all about what inspires us and fashion is all about what triumphs us.



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