Iranian Model’s Noose Dress at Cannes Highlights Alarming Executions in Iran:

noose dress
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The Cannes Film Festival has once again become a platform for raising important social issues, as Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi made a powerful statement against executions in her home country. Wearing a striking black bodycon dress resembling a noose dress, Jaberi displayed the quote “Stop executions” on the outfit. Her courageous act drew attention to the urgent need to address the troubling human rights situation in Iran.

A Bold Fashion Statement for Human Rights:

The Cannes Film Festival, known for its glamour and entertainment, has often witnessed celebrities using the platform to bring attention to social and political issues. Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi took this opportunity to shed light on the alarming surge in executions in Iran, becoming a symbol of resistance and defiance against the oppressive regime.

The Noose Dress

Jaberi’s choice of dress, designed by Jila Saberi, featured straps resembling a noose around her neck, symbolizing the severity of the issue. The bold statement “Stop executions” written on the lower part of the outfit conveyed her message to the world. Despite facing restrictions from security, Jaberi managed to capture attention and emphasize the urgent need for change.

noose dress
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According to a report by Iran Human Rights, executions in Iran have reached a five-year high, with over 500 executions recorded in 2022 alone. Shockingly, the Iranian authorities disclosed only 16.5% of these cases, leaving the remaining 83.5% undocumented. Amnesty International also highlighted the use of the death penalty as a tool of political repression against protesters, dissidents, and ethnic minorities.

Jaberi’s courageous act aims to bring international attention to the wrongful executions and lack of transparency in Iran’s justice system. By utilizing the prestigious platform of the Cannes Film Festival, she successfully ignited a conversation about the human rights violations occurring in her home country.


1. What was the purpose of Mahlagha Jaberi’s noose dress at Cannes?

– Jaberi aimed to raise awareness about the alarming number of executions in Iran and draw attention to human rights violations.

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2. How many executions were reported in Iran in 2022?

– According to Iran Human Rights, there were over 500 executions in Iran in 2022, marking the highest rate in five years.

3. What percentage of executions were disclosed by Iranian authorities?

– Only 16.5% of the executions were officially announced, leaving 83.5% undocumented.

4. What were the main reasons for executions in Iran?

– The majority of executions were for murder charges (55%) and drug offenses (38%).

5. Were any drug-related executions reported by official sources?

– No, none of the drug-related executions were reported by official sources.

6. How did Amnesty International describe the use of the death penalty in Iran?

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– Amnesty International stated that executions increased, public executions resumed, and the death penalty was used as a tool of political repression against protesters, dissidents, and ethnic minorities.

7. Were any minors executed in Iran?

– Yes, several people were executed for offenses committed when they were children, and scores of others who were below 18 years old at the time of the crime remained on death row.

8. Were there any consequences for officials involved in human rights violations?

– No, according to Amnesty International, no public officials were investigated or held accountable for extrajudicial executions or other grave human rights violations committed in 2022 or previous years.


9. How did Jaberi’s dress draw attention to the issue of executions in Iran?

– The dress, featuring a noose-like design and the quote “Stop executions,” served as a visual representation of the urgent need to address the human rights situation in Iran.

10. What impact did jaberi’s statement at Cannes have?

– Jaberi’s courageous act resonated with campaigners and concerned individuals worldwide, amplifying the call to end executions in Iran and uphold human rights principles.

Noose Dress  Summary:

Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi used her presence at the Cannes Film Festival to draw attention to the alarming surge in executions in Iran. Wearing a dress resembling a noose and displaying the quote “Stop executions,” Jaberi sent a powerful message to the world. Iran Human Rights reported over 500 executions in 2022, with official sources disclosing only a fraction of the cases. Amnesty International highlighted the use of the death penalty as a tool of political repression. Jaberi’s act emphasizes the urgent need for change and sparked global discussions on human rights violations in Iran.


Mahlagha Jaberi’s decision to wear a noose dress at the Cannes Film Festival has become a symbol of resistance against the unjust and alarming number of executions in Iran. By utilizing her platform, she has drawn attention to the need for international intervention and accountability for human rights violations. Jaberi’s act serves as a reminder that even prestigious events like Cannes can be used to shed light on critical global issues and advocate for change. It is essential for the international community to amplify these voices and work towards ending executions and upholding human rights in Iran.

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