Inspiration By Anuv Jain’s life Can Make You A great Influencer

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Anuv Jain is a great influencer who always looks trendy with his musical tools. Anuv Jain is an Indian singer, songwriter, and young age influencer who got famous very far by his songs. He has more followers and fans just because of his clean voice and ordinary, loveable, and unique personality. His song “Baarishein” is one of the top-listed songs with millions of likes, comments, and views.

Here, I’m going to share some important facts and things and some photos with a guitar and other musical tools by which you can also get photoshoot poses ideas.

Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain has a unique personality and power to deal with words, lines, and thoughts and then convert them into a song. He is a very innocent kind of person as shown in every image and interview as well. His latest song Baarishein in which he was looking gorgeous was a simple black costume on the title of the song cover.

Anuv Jain 2

Another pic which was blurred but clearly showed the real emotion of the song mazaak. Often, Anuv shows his song reflection through his images and Ideas. He is a young age singer who generally wrote on the true topic of society.

Anuv Jain 3

The other and many other pics with the guitar are a sign of his music and the faithful soul that are in his music. He is fond of photoshoots with guitar and other musical instruments.

Anuv Jain 4

Anuv Jain is a very innocent guy who ones try to show pop fashion but still in this pic he internally looked innocent and kind-hearted guy.

Anuv Jain 5

In his mishri title cover, Al’s picture was much similar to Jain’s emotion and his discovering behavior with mishri box connected the song from his life and incidents.


Anuv everyday influence his fans with his different songs which are directly or indirectly related to our life, lifestyle, and many incidents. He made his song for the memory of his father and sister, they were no more. His this creativity connected us to his song and the guy himself.

Gist of all summary:

  1. An Influencer must be kind-hearted and ordinary.
  2. He/She should do their work by connecting everyone’s real life and incidents.
  3. To become a great Influencer, we must connect our soul with the soul of our followers and from that work which people are going to influence and attract.

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Who inspired you in every moment and in every situation?

By Komal

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