11 Stunning Indian Wedding Sarees


In an Indian home, custom takes precedence when there is a wedding. As a result, Indian wedding sarees overtake other items like jewelry, cosmetics, and fashion accessories as the most anticipated purchases in an Indian household. Even foreigners who travel to India in advance of weddings their family and social circle make it a point to get designer wedding sarees from every corner of the country, such is the craze and admiration for Indian bridal saree patterns.

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When you think back 10 years, it was challenging to get designer wedding sarees. That’s because there weren’t many better possibilities, only a few. The many varieties of Indian bridal sarees available today are made specifically for each wedding-related celebration, such as the mehndi, sangeet, and saat phere. The bride and her family have a plethora of options for Indian wedding sarees, including priceless Banarasi Silk, heavy brocade, bead, and zari work, and Kanjeevaram. The following categories can be used to group sarees.

Kanjeevaram Saree

Kanjeevaram sarees are the pride of South Indian women and are a true Tamil Nadu specialty. These bridal wedding sarees collection look elegant and exquisite thanks to the temple borders.

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Net Saree

Similar to how Kanjeevaram is more popular in the South, net sarees are more common in the North. They can have a variety of embroidery on them to wear. The only characteristic that distinguishes the Net saree from the others is that it is transparent.

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 Sambalpuri Saree


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The state of Orissa may have a plethora of sarees, like the Bomkai and Katki. But the Sambalpuri silk saree is one item that sticks out significantly.

Banarasi Wedding Sarees


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Silk serves as the primary fabric of this Banarasi saree from Banaras, which is originally from the city of Kashi. Bengal is where the golden embroidery on it was derived. The beauty of a Banarasi silk is unmatched.

Assam Silk


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One of the best silks for Indian bridal sarees is Assam silk, also known as Muga silk. Assamese brides traditionally wear white silk sarees with red borders.


Gota Saree

The pallu and hem of the saree are decorated with gota, a type of lace. This gives the designer bridal sarees an ostentatious and opulent appearance.

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Zardosi Wedding Sarees

Silk and net sarees have one thing in common: they can both be worn with zardosi embroidery. The zardosi saree is one of the best designer bridal sarees because of this.

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Paithani Wedding Sarees

For Indian brides, the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra offers some lovely and fascinating things. It is a silk saree made in Paithan. The Paithani saree is said to be woven with genuine gold thread work, according to folklore.

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Brocade Silk

The shimmering material used in the borders and pall of this silk saree makes it simple to identify brocade silk. Because of this, brocade silk has the ability to shine.

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 Light Designer Bridal Wedding Sarees

It makes sense to anticipate yards and yards of heavy wedding saris being wrapped over the bride when it comes to Indian wedding sarees. But managing the bridal saree might be difficult due to the hot and muggy conditions.

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Designer sarees made of lighter materials like chiffon and georgette are a practical choice. These sarees can be worn comfortably in sweltering heat because they are not only lightweight but also exquisite.

 Lehenga Wedding Sarees

A lehnga saree can have delicate or lavish patterns, and it always gives a bridal outfit more panache. It appears to be very fashionable and modern. Every bride can choose from a variety of lehnga saree colors, from fiery red to golden hues.

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What are you still holding out for? Choose Indian wedding sarees that go well with the event, your style, and your budget, and then tell us how stunning you looked wearing one of these creations. Every bride has the right to look stunning on her wedding day. I hope we were able to realise this dream.

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By:  Ishita Das

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