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When we prepare a new outfit, go shopping or pack for a holiday, the first thing we think about is our clothes. But let’s not forget that as much as we love our clothes, we also love our shoes, and it’s our footwear that can completely change an outfit. The right pair of slippers can embellish even the simplest outfit, while the wrong footwear can completely ruin an outfit. If we get to know our bodies first to learn which shoes suit us best, and then, keep a few stylistic details in mind, we can’t go wrong.


How to buy the right shoes

Think about exactly what you need beforehand so you won’t be tempted to buy something unnecessary. Usually, in the store, the extravagant shoes that catch your eye first might also be the most unnecessary. This applies especially to shoes with high heels.
Look for at least three reasons, places, styles, outfits you can use this pair of slippers for. For example, you can take it with you on holiday, but you can also go out with it and wear it to work.
Try to go shoe shopping in the second half of the day. That way you’ll know how your tired feet can handle the new pair of shoes.

Always try on both shoes. Our feet are different from each other.
If you know you’re allergic to a fabric, check the label first to see what they’re made of.
Excluding classic high heels, it’s better to choose a slightly larger size than a smaller one.
Always choose quality, not quantity.
No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, there still won’t be enough, at least they’ll be high-quality.


How to match your shoes

When matching our shoes with the rest of our outfit, there are several things to keep in mind:
First the place and purpose for which we use them. It would be uncomfortable to wear high heels to the supermarket and slightly embarrassing to wear sneakers with an evening dress.

Here my article on the basic dress- codes
They should be comfortable and fit the shape and size of our feet and our body type.
Here my article about the body types Silhouette Types and Tips By Paula Radu | OurFashionPassion
If we choose our shoes correctly we can even benefit our silhouette and distract attention from the parts we don’t like. Here a tutorial

Use the same rules as for clothing to match colours, clothing style and texture.
Matching your shoes to your bag is out of trend, but don’t forget that they should have at least one element in common with the rest of your outfit.

A basic rule is to match the style . Here another helpful tutorial
There are seasonal shoes and all-season shoes, such as stiletto shoes, simple ballet flats, sneakers or rubber boots.
If you want to have a stylish outfit, try your best not to mix seasonal footwear.
If the outfit is simple you can stand out with a pair of more extravagant slippers. They can even be the focus point of your outfit. On the other hand, if your outfit is already quite busy, choose simple shoes.



Secret styling tips

Slippers can also help us to correct something about our bodies, to create the optical illusion of taller, thinner or younger.
When you want to look taller and slimmer wear shoes in the same colour as the rest of your clothes. We already know that monochrome outfits look even more stylish. Pointed shoes help too.
If you haven’t quite got the proportions of your outfit right, you can wear skin-coloured shoes. They’ll give the impression of longer legs and the eye won’t distinguish exactly where each part of your body begins and ends.
If you think you’re too tall, choose slippers that are a different colour to your outfit and have a round or even square toe.

When you want to look younger, you can complement your outfit with a pair of brightly coloured shoes. This will keep your outfit sober and stylish, but bring a little colour and cheer.

More styling typs

If your outfit is too modest, a pair of heels will immediately change everything. But make sure you don’t go too far and your shoes match the rest of your outfit. We can best see this difference in the transition between casual and business-casual.

This also works the other way around. If, for example, you’re invited to a more intimate party where you don’t know exactly what the dress code is, it’s better to choose a more elegant outfit, but carry a pair of simple black or nude ballet flats in your bag. They don’t take up much space and fit almost anything. So you can easily swap them out if you want a slightly lighter look.

Dress Codes: Make It Simple. | OurFashionPassion

If you’re really skinny, a pair of booties, or more stumpy boots will add a little volume to your image. But don’t forget to balance the outfit with volume on top: a over jacket or maybe a big scarf. If you’re curvier, heels will make you look slimmer, but keep your balance. If your shoes are too low-cut or small in proportion to your body, you’ll just look awkward. Choose a medium heel and some short booties or a pair of closed-toe shoes.
Secret tip: shoes are meant to correct certain flaws, not take you to the other extreme!

The importance of shoes for your inner self


Just think that sometimes you can wear the same pair for a whole day without being able to change it.
The legs signify our foundation, our primary chakra. This is where our primary needs come from. And if we feel discomfort here we may feel it on all levels later.
In other words, if we have foot pain due to uncomfortable footwear, we might feel this discomfort slowly throughout our hall body, becoming a real stress in addition to physical pain. Then we might have a so-called bad day without knowing why.


The Earth is an important source of energy, with which we should be permanently connected, and it is our footwear that facilitates or blocks this. It is best to choose footwear that is lightweight and made of natural materials.
We also eliminate both physical toxins and negative energy stored in the body through the legs. That’s why it’s important to clean our shoes often, especially those we wear every day.

So, shoes are more than necessary and it’s natural to love them as much as our clothes and accessories. And remember always to love yourself at least as much as you love your shoes.

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