In the Hoodies – The Men’s How-to-Wear Guide


Men’s hoodies have received a bad response lately: From youth gangs to PM David Cameron’s ‘Hug a Hoodie’ campaign, the fashion staple has tarnished its image. But don’t be discouraged, because the hooded top is a major part of men’s versatile style—and there are tons of ways to wear it this season…  Gift For You

The Most Iconic and The Most Current

Currently, the most iconic — and certainly the most current — way to wear men’s hoodies is to take it back to its hip-hop-style roots. Influenced by skate culture, and with the current craze for street dance films such as Step Up 3D, the ‘hooded top pair with baggy cargo pants’ is being revived in the 21st century. To kick off the trend, you’ll have to buy sized-up wrap stars like their hoodies big and baggy—and style it with an oversize baseball cap, sweatband, and a pair of antique white trainers.

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With the onset of autumn, sarcastic ideas always follow a ‘go back to school’ mentality, and as a sign, there’s an alternative way to wear your men’s hoodies with a prep twist. Take the all-American college jock as your inspiration for this look, who should be smart with a sporty, youthful twist. Well-cut jeans, loafers, and brogues over footwear and tan accessories are the key to making the look perfect. Yet the ultimate combination of clothing comes in the form of a sharp, tailored blazer worn under the hood and poked at the collar, a pairing that has the advantage of being both cool and comfortable.

Of course, the ways to wear hoodies don’t end here; The options for the item’s original, practical use for the sofa—paired with pajama bottoms from lazy Sunday mornings—just to keep warm—are endless. So go ahead in the hood!

The importance of Measurement and its Accuracy for Dressing Well

Anyone involved in home improvement or woodworking is probably well aware of the importance of measurement and its accuracy. Your tool of choice is probably your measuring tape, although they have other fancy options like a laser distance meter. The laser distance meter is great anyway – I have one – as long as you take good care of it. Anything containing the laser in it will be fragile and any drop or equivalent rough motion of the instrument will cause laser inaccuracy or failure or cause it to move.

I’ll explain more about the pros and cons of distance meters later, but let’s talk about how to get the most out of your measuring tape—due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, it’ll probably be in your device. Arsenal These cute little rolls of metal are fairly easy to use and most of us probably know and understand its main functions and techniques. But I’m sure some people have wondered if there’s an easy way to tell, get accurate measurements within closed distances where the walls are high on both sides.

In other words, if you have to bend the tape exactly where you need to take your readings, you may not get a very accurate measurement. Here in Japan, we have this tool brand called Tajima, which makes the most amazing tools. They specialize in precision tools like laser levelers and distance meters, but they also make great measuring tapes and saws. Why am I growing them? I have a fresh measuring tape that has a really bad job on it! There is a rod that is bent at the opposite end of the tape exit which when added along the length of the main part is exactly 100 mm.

You just bend the rod but put it in front of one end, pull the tape until it reaches the other end, and add 100mm to what you see on your tape. This task, therefore, solves the problem described above by providing an “adjustable tape” that can be “pulled” to any place that needs to be measured. Just add 100mm to whatever size you show and that’s your size.

Distance Meter Pointing and Holding the Laser

Apart from its delicate nature, this tool is awesome! You just put, point and press. There is also a function that calculates the unknown leg size of a triangle by the Pythagorean Theorem if you input the other leg and diagonal (pointing and holding down the laser).

It is also possible to calculate the area square or cube by specifying and pressing this function, 2 times for square and 3 times for cube.

You can add and/or subtract measurements together. And of course, you can specify whether you want to calculate the length of the tool body in the measurement.

As you can see, it’s suitable for tougher situations like the ones I mentioned earlier, but you’ll find that a regular measuring tape is your choice. Both have their pros and cons.

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