In-Flight FASHION 2022

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What do you normally wear when you travel and take a flight somewhere? if you are looking for ideas here we will talk about in-flight fashion for 2022.


All I can say is, please wear your best normal dress when you take an international flight. Here I am sitting in economy class, and of course, what would I expect, people wear their everyday normal clothes. Some wear tiny shorts, crop tops, rugged jeans, slippers, sneakers, and so on. Men normally wear their normal jeans, t-shirt and some wear shorts with their rubber shoes or slippers again. Oh, I forgot to mention some even wear beach sandals. (WTH?!)

Oh well, if you will be having a long or short flight and you are comfortable with it, I won’t judge you. But, don’t you know that there is a bigger chance that you will be upgraded to business class if you wear elegant clothes. I don’t mean to be extravagant. I just mean that one should wear proper clothes on their flight.

Okay, you can dress down if your flight is only a domestic flight or a 3 to 4 hours flight. But, still, wear decent clothes especially when you are going through immigration.

For in-flight fashion for men, perhaps, wear a polo shirt and nice decent pants, jeans can be fine but a nice ironed jeans pair with sneakers or your nice shoes.

You can have a look below:

In-Flight FASHION 1

In-flight fashion for women, for your sake, why would you wear tiny shorts where people can see half of your butt?! Wear a dress, a comfortable top, jeans, and sneakers are also fine but try to be fashionable and impressive.

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Try these celebrities’ look,

In-Flight FASHION 2

or you can be simple as,

In-Flight FASHION 3

Long haul flight?! how about…

In-Flight FASHION 4

Remember, you will be talking to the immigration officials and will be clearing customs. Respect them by wearing decent clothes.

Flight attendants are trying their best to look good for their passengers then let’s be courteous to them by doing the same. Can you imagine that they sometimes wake up early to put makeup on, to have their hair done, to put on layers and layers of clothes? Therefore, let’s respect them by wearing proper clothes on our flight, in time of traveling.

We are also traveling with strangers with different cultures, we can show that we are respecting each other culture by wearing proper dress in meeting them. I don’t mean that you need to meet them or know each person on the plane but it is just that you will be crossing with strangers.

Me, personally, I bring my sleeping clothes if I travel in business or first class because I have privacy in my own space. You can also wear sleeping clothes in the economy if you do not have anyone seating beside you, which rarely happens.

I only mean enjoy your flight, enjoy your vacation, and wear proper in-flight clothes.

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