Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Diamond Jewelry

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Diamonds are the absolute stunners for a reason that can’t be denied; their unmatched brilliance is mind-blowing. Diamonds, for no doubt, shine like some of those brightest stars in the night sky you won’t cease admiring. Diamonds can be so perfect that possessing one is equivalent to getting hold of the brightest shining star in the galaxy. But not all diamonds sparkle flawlessly and to pick the most fascinating diamond you need to test it for certain criteria. In this post, we have stated some of the most important factors one should consider before buying diamond jewelry.

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Factors To Be Considered

Before buying any piece of jewelry, you must set up your budget so that you don’t end up buying something less than your expectations. This is especially true when you are investing in something as precious as diamonds. So review your spending and savings to make sure that you want to invest in diamonds.

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Determining The 4Cs

To make sure that you are buying the best quality diamond, the first thing you must examine is the 4Cs concerning the quality of the diamonds. Out of the 4Cs namely color, cut, clarity, and carat, the most significant one in the case of diamonds is the cut. A perfectly cut and polished diamond is capable of subduing imperfections concerning a diamond’s color & clarity and will even make the gem appear brighter and larger than its actual carat weight.

Diamond Pricing Factors

When the cost of a diamond is in question, then the carat weight can’t be ignored since the price of a diamond jumps per carat at benchmark carat sizes. Similarly, the round diamond cut is the most popular and expensive diamond shape as compared to other non-round shapes even when some of these look bigger than round shapes of similar carat weight. Other popular diamond shapes include square princess cut, oval, and pear cut. As far as color and clarity are concerned, colorless and eye-clean diamonds are priced higher.

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Metal Selection

The colorless diamonds present such an overwhelming luster that they look good in whichever metal you pair them with. Light metals such as white gold, silver, and platinum give a modern touch to diamonds while dark metals such as yellow gold and rose gold offer a vintage look to the diamond jewelry. In a nutshell, the metal choice is entirely your call, pick the metal color that looks the best on your skin tone and at the same time is hypoallergenic to your skin.

Look Before Buying Diamonds

It is always recommended to carefully examine the diamonds before purchasing them. In the case of offline purchases, take your time to examine the stones under a magnifying glass to see if there are a lot of imperfections. In the case of online purchases, several online vendors provide HD-quality videos of diamonds with magnification tools. The second and most important thing is to ask for a lab report for your diamonds from your dealer. Make sure the report is from a trusted source and states the origin and treatment details of diamonds, if any.

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Look For Diamond Alternatives

This is not a secret that natural diamonds are rare and their extraction process is quite capital-intensive because of which these diamonds command exceptional prices. An affordable variety of diamonds exists that make excellent alternatives to mined diamonds, these are known as lab-grown diamonds. The most fascinating fact about artificial diamonds is that they cost almost 30% less and are identical to their natural counterparts making the former as real as the latter. So if you are preparing a grand proposal for your lady love, make sure you do that with a diamond ring which does not necessarily need to be natural as long as it is real.


Curating the perfect diamond jewelry is an art not everyone can excel in. It requires a precise examination of the stones for the perfect cut, color, clarity, and carat weight so that you pay exactly for what you are purchasing. So if you are looking for an expert who could give you some professional advice on how to buy diamonds of the best quality under your budget, then visit the official website of GemsNY.

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