Importance of Backgrounds in Fashion Photography

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In fashion, most people will view the photos, as only some of them will be present in the live event. So, very good photos are to be taken and presented on social media and news media. In fact, many of the magazines dedicated to fashion will be run by the attractive photos in the magazine!

In fashion photography, background plays a very important role to enhance the required portion of the model. This has been explained here.

Disclaimer: All the doll photos are from and the backgrounds are edited by the author for this post.


Different-backgroundDifferent backgrounds.

Plain backgrounds.

A= Shows red background. Since the skin tone is almost the same, it is ok but not the best

B= Shows Blue background. Since the dress color is almost the same, it is ok but not the best

C= Shows deep red background. It is ok and it stands out from the doll.

D= Shows Black background. It stands out from the doll. Hair is enhanced by this background. So, if we want hair enhancement for say shampoo advertisement, this is the ideal background.


E= Shows yellow background. It is ok but the hair is not appearing bright.

F= Shows green background. Since the dress tone is blue, it is ok but not the best.

So, we have to select the background depending upon what actually we want to enhance also.

Confusing background.

Confusing background

Here, the background is almost the same as the color of the doll. This is not appealing and it should be avoided. Nothing is enhanced here. In fact, it is worse than having a white background.

Tree background

Tree background

The tree background is used here. The background for the dress and legs are ok but the tree color and the hair colors are almost the same so, emphasis on hair is not seen here. A better tree color or some other object could have been selected.

Water background:


Very intelligent way of using natural background. The lighting and the background are perfect. Even the hair is a little enhanced by the blue background of water. Facial expression is also good.

Multiple backgrounds:


Excellent way of using natural background. The background is perfect. The hair is beautifully enhanced by the dark background. The bench background has enhanced the dress. A little cropping of the background may be done if required.


More than one person in the photo:


When more than one person is in the frame of the photo, the skin tones and hair colors will be different, as shown above. The background should be carefully selected to enhance all the persons. The dress of one doll is blue and the other is pink. The hair of one doll is light while the other is a little dark. Hence a light green background is selected.

Only face in the photo:


Finally, when the face itself is to be prominent as shown, the background is not required. Such situations will be in lipstick or eye-liner advertisement photos.


I have illustrated the effects of different backgrounds on fashion photography. Today, many software are there, and even before taking the photo of the model, we can just take one such photo in the plain background and we can edit to see the best background. Finally, such a background is made if required and the final photo is taken.

By Jayaram

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