Iconic Fashion of The Man With Widest Mouth

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Meet the Mr. Big Mouth

Have you ever seen the man with the widest and largest mouth in the world? Let me introduce to you a man from Angola in Africa continent who has become a notable person in the history of humanity, the man Francisco Domingo Joaquim, who is also known as Chiquinho is now a very famous personality in the record of the world. The trend about Franscisco has become more viral on the internet in the past few years until now.
As you know that the entire world is about iconic fashion and lifestyles. Life teaches everyone lessons and also entertains us, to relieve people from their daily stress and challenges. Francisco, the Big Mouth is now a special figure in the global hall of fame of entertainment. Their special quality in him has given paved way for his worldwide recognition.

Francisco at the Italia Competition

Chiquinho was privileged to be invited to participate in the Big Mouth competition organized in Italy. The viral Youtube video of him, where he displayed a wide open mouth of 17 centimeters wide and a distance of 6.5 inches left the entire world to be in awe of him.
Francisco’s widest mouth tricked everyone at the competition tagged (Big Mouth) with his amazing elastic jaw-dropping 16.99 centimeters and was declared the winner.

The truth about him is that many people in his homeland in Angola did not appreciate the fact that his widest mouth is a gift from God. So, before he became popular, his friend repel, bully, and mocked him for being too ugly to them until the time of his famous appearance.

Francisco’s Iconic Fashion style

The famous Francisco Domingo is a man who does pay less attention to fashion outfits. Before he was popular, had lived most good period of his life in shame of his physical appearance, and he would not dress too well to avoid popular notice by the people. Thank to social media, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and a good number of others, where his video captured the mind of many people.

From Mr. Big Mouth’s physical look, you can closely see that he’s a man with less stylish outfits, but has regard for his rubber mouth crafting attitude.

Looking at the photos of him, Francisco has not given a definitive attribution on fashion clothing but rather works to improve his facial and physical beauty. He refused to put a wristwatch on his hand, it probably shows that time has not permitted him to fly the luxury lifestyle of his dream.

Mr. Mouth and a Can of Coke

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iconic fashion 2

Francisco proved himself worthy to be honored with the largest and widest mouth in the world, putting the can of coke in his mouth and containing it. This is so real and so amazing for everyone to learn to see a possibility in their dark side.

The 20-year-old Francisco Domingo is no longer a man with an ugly face in Angola as the depressing part of life brought him a great fortune of global recognition and very good fortune. There has not been any man like him in all the African region and the entire world.

Chinquinho’s Adorable Big Mouth in the Guinness Book of Records 

iconic fashion 1

The viral youtube videos made Chinquinho catch popular attention on the Internet, which made the Guinness Book Of Record’s researchers take note of him. After several findings about him, the Guinness scouts visited and later scheduled a trial for him. Until now, Francisco remains the largest mouth in the World as recorded in the Guinness book of record.

When you find your way to Africa, make sure that you visit, Mr. Big Mouth to have memorable moments with him by learning from his joy, peace, love, happiness, and other life situations that generally define his influence and personality in the real world.


Francisco Domingo remains the Guinness Book of Records holder of the largest and widest mouth in the world. If you need more information about him, please check the Guinness Book of the website for more information about his achievement in the human fashion and entertainment industry.

Photo credit: Google

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