Why I started to look for second-hand clothes, to help the Environment

What if you do care about fashion and style but at the same time, you love Mother Nature? That’s why I started to look for second-hand clothes, in order to help the Environment because I’m also a big lover of Nature.


How has your style changed since you started looking for second-hand clothes?

I remember being in high school and my mom would bring home clothing she had bought at the thrift store. I was always so embarrassed by it. I didn’t want to be seen wearing second-hand clothes.

Now, fast forward a few years and my two favorite stores are the thrift shop and Goodwill. In the past few years, I have changed not only how I buy clothes, but also how I treat them once they are mine.

I first started shopping second-hand because I didn’t have much money to spend on clothing. Since then, I’ve discovered that buying used clothing is also better for the planet, as every piece of clothing that is reused instead of thrown away means one less piece of clothing has to be produced from scratch. This saves water, saves energy and diverts waste from our landfills.

My style has changed over time to become more comfortable and more practical. It’s easy enough to find nice-looking shirts from a thrift store or Goodwill, but finding pants that fit me can be difficult. So now I almost exclusively shop for pants online or at department stores. That said, I still love thrifting for shirts and outerwear, like jackets or vests.


How has your life changed since you started to shop second-hand?

I started shopping second-hand when I was 15, at the age of realising just how unsustainable and unethical fast fashion is. At first it was a bit of a novelty: I’d go to vintage shops with my friends and we’d all try on ridiculous clothes, taking endless selfies in our finds. But as time went on and I learned more about the extent to which our planet is suffering at the hands of the fashion industry (the second most polluting industry in the world!), I became more conscious of what I bought.

Now, before buying anything, the first place I look is on Depop (a free app where people sell their preloved clothes). If what I’m looking for isn’t there, then I’ll visit a charity shop or browse eBay.

Shopping like this has changed my life in so many ways — for one thing, it’s saved me an absolute fortune! More importantly though, it’s made me more eco-conscious: buying second-hand means that I’m not contributing to the waste that comes from manufacturing new items, and by selling my old clothes on Depop or donating them to charity instead of throwing them away, they can have another life and not end up in landfill.


How do you feel about second-hand clothes?

This is a great way to keep unwanted clothing out of landfill and reduce our impact on the environment.

A survey carried out by Oxfam, a charity that fights against poverty and injustice around the world, found that a quarter of people in the UK have bought second-hand clothes.

The report found that one person chooses charity shops over high street stores because they feel they can still wear fashionable clothes, while another said they like to shop at charity stores as it’s more environmentally friendly.

According to the app Depop, which sells second-hand clothes online, there has been a 40% increase in searches for vintage clothing in the last year.


However, when asked their opinion on second-hand clothes, most people said they would be embarrassed if someone saw them wearing something that someone else had owned before.

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