I just Found Out What to Wear to a 90s party: 7 Perfect Outfits

sexy What to Wear to a 90s party
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Are you wondering what to wear to a 90s party?  If there was a decade that was full of very memorable fashion, then it must be the 90s.  It had fashion trends that continue to inspire and influence the modern styles we see nowadays. The 90s had a fashion sense that everyone liked and thus made it popular for parties and events. This blog post is perfect for any person searching and not sure of what to wear at a 90s party. Here are 7 perfect outfits that will transport you back to the 90s.

1. Grunge Chic:

This was one of the most elaborate and highly defining fashion trends in the 90s. To achieve such an inspiring outfit, one has to opt for a plaid shirt and pair it with some denim jeans and very chunky boots. To complete the outfit, think of a beanie hat and some retro sunglasses.

2. Britpop babe: what to wear to a 90s party

This was very popular in the 90s and was all about bold prints and very bright colors plus some oversized blazers. To create such an outfit, wear a brightly patterned dress with a cropper blazer. This outfit will require you to accessorize with a choker necklace and some fancy statement earrings.

sexy What to Wear to a 90s party Brittany Spears in short pink dress and second girl in short green dress

3. Sporty Spice:

This was one of the most stylish outfits back in the 90s. To achieve a similar one, go for a tracksuit that is in bright colors and pair it with a crop top and be sure to wear some chunky sneakers. Have a high ponytail and some hoop earrings.

4. Hip-Hop Hottie: what to Wear to a 90s Party

During the 90s, many hip-hop artists such as Tupac and the notorious B.I .G rose to glory and dominated several scenes. To achieve a similar outfit, go for a baggy tracksuit and pair it with oversized timberland boots. Be sure to add a chunky gold chain for a stylish look.

5. Rave Ready:

The 90s were damn so cool in terms of fashion. This was the era of the rave culture. To achieve this type of outfit, fashion experts have concluded that one should go for a brightly colored bodysuit paired with some baggy pants. On top of that, you will require some platform shoes, and make sure to accessorize your entire outfit with some neon bracelets and tinted sunglasses.

ladies dressed in their modern 90s outfits What to Wear to a 90s party

6. Preppy princess:

To achieve this type of 90s fashion, go for a plaid skirt paired with a tucked-in sweater.  Be sure to have some knee-high socks and a headband.

7. Grunge Glam: What to Wear to a 90s Party

This involves wearing a slip dress paired with some leather jacket and some cool chunky boots. Be sure to accessorize the entire outfit with a chocker necklace and statement earrings.





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