Huda Beauty ‘s Latest Release: Pretty Grunge Collection

huda-beauty Pretty Grunge
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Unveiling Huda Beauty‘s Pretty Grunge Makeup Collection

Huda Beauty is set to release a new, permanent eyeshadow palette known as the “Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette,” and it’s all about empowerment. This palette is inspired by the inner strength within you and offers an impressive selection of 18 grunge-inspired shades. Unlike traditional palettes that tend to lean heavily on black shades, Huda has infused this one with a mix of stunning nude transitional shades and highly wearable taupes. This thoughtful combination makes it easy to create a variety of eye looks without the risk of ending up with a full-on smoky eye mishap.

huda-beauty Pretty Grunge

The launch date for the Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette is set for November 1st. But that’s not all – there’s a whole “Pretty Grunge Makeup Collection” accompanying it. This collection includes a unique gray pH Balance Blush Gloss that adjusts to your skin’s pH balance, introducing an intriguing color-changing aspect. Alongside this, there are new black shades of Liquid Matte Silk Balm and Lip Contour 2.0. Additionally, a Lip Quad featuring Liquid Matte Lipsticks in nude shades, including one of Huda Beauty’s bestsellers, Bombshell, is part of the collection.

For those who have a soft spot for Huda’s larger palettes, the Pretty Grunge Palette is likely to be an irresistible addition to your makeup collection. It offers a captivating mix of bold, dramatic shades that remain remarkably wearable. The presence of those wearable nudes in the palette is a clever touch, as they balance out the bolder shades and open up the possibilities for creating smokier looks without going overboard.

huda-beauty Pretty Grunge

What’s particularly intriguing about this collection is the grey pH Balance Blush Gloss, which hints at a magical transformation into pink shades. This adds a unique and captivating element to the overall collection.

It’s important to note that the Pretty Grunge Makeup Collection is not a permanent addition, so if you’re eager to get your hands on it, be sure to mark your calendar for the November 1st launch date.


-Image Credits: Huda Beauty Official and Google.

By Siddie F.Kay


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