How to Wear Suits: 5 Unspoken Suit Rules You Need to Know

suit rules
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Suits: The suits are good, so good. When you wear them, you look perfect and so presentable. I don’t know if men and women know how good they look in suits. If you have never tried wearing suits, I appeal to you to think of the decision. However, not everyone looks good in suits. Looking good in a suit depends on several unspoken rules that I am going to share in this exclusive article.

Various readers and fans have been asking me how they should wear their suits. To answer their questions, I decided to fine-tune an article surrounding the most important rules for how to wear a suit, the do’s and don’ts and common mistakes you should avoid.

1. The Belt choice when wearing suits:

The common unspoken fashion rules dictate that your belt should be relatively very thin. Kindly men, avoid belts that are not thin. I belt should be very slim and additionally, it should be the same colour as your shoes. If you follow this simple rule, you will earn the admiration of many.

suit rules

2. How to choose a tie for your Suit:

A number of people have been inquiring about what type of tie to wear in a suit. Colours are very diverse and I might be able to handle every time of colour out there. All I can say is that your tie should be always darker than your shirt.

3. Size fitting of your Suits:

By all means, avoid dressing like an old granny. What is a young man doing around oversized suits? That should be the last thing you may think of dressing. Get a good tailor to take your exact sizes for your custom-made suits. Make sure that they are not too tight and not too baggy.

nice suits

4. Colors of Your suits:

It angers me when I see young men wearing suits or very funny colours such as pink and yellow. When did we start losing our fashion sense as men? In your choice of colour of suits, make sure you don’t miss a navy blue and a black suit. These colours are among the best as far as fashionable suit colours are concerned.

5. Your Type of shoe when wearing suits:

Just last week, I saw a man dressed in a nice-looking suit but with casual army boots on. You see, in this case, the shoe changes everything. What are boots doing around a suit? Your choice of the shoe should be unquestionable.


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