how to wear something doesn’t suit you

how to wear something that doesent suit you
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How to wear something that doesn’t suit you? Usually when we go shopping as well as when we choose our daily outfit, we should think about choosing clothes that suit us in terms of colours, cuts and clothing styles. But at some point we might have to wear something that doesn’t suit us, and then we should know how to style our outfit so that we still look good.

perfect outfit

Why would I wear something that doesn’t fit?

The purpose for which you use the coat. Maybe an interview. Here my article on how to dress for an interview Interview dress_code: What should I wear for a Interview? | OurFashionPassion
Work uniform
A formal dress code that has certain dress requirements. For example you work in a bank.
It is your lucky charm.
The coat doesn’t fit you correctly in terms of colour tone or cut, but you don’t have another one in this style or that matches the rest of the outfit.

How to style clothes to get a perfect outfit

First of all, if you can, don’t make it the main element of your outfit.
Place the focus in another area to distract attention.
Add another start on top.
Make sure the other elements of your outfit flatter your colour and silhouette.
If it’s a strong colour that doesn’t match your skin pigment, soften it by adding neutral shades like white, black or grey.

Help yourself to accessories. When you have a blouse or shirt or a dress that’s too loose, you can use a belt, a brooch or even a corset to harmonise your silhouette. If you need volume in the shoulder area you can add some fake shoulders or epaulettes, even a shoulder scarf. If you need volume in the thigh area, you can use a larger belt.
On the other hand, if your clothes are tighter and show small imperfections, you don’t need to add anything in the area, but cover with another layer.

doesn't suit youMore tips

If the colour doesn’t suit you, add something over it, for example a vest over a coloured blouse.
If one of the elements of your outfit doesn’t match the style of your outfit, try not to attract attention with it. Instead choose something neutral and find something else in common, usually it should be the same colour, even if the clothing style doesn’t match.

Secret tip: When you wear a coat that doesn’t fit, make sure you have three other items that fit you perfectly.

And finally, don’t forget you’re wearing the clothes, not them yourself. So when you have an outfit you’re not absolutely happy with, make up for it with your personal attitude and the energy you transmit to others. That’s how you’ll make any outfit look perfect.

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