How to wear shorts in Winter?

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You either wear shorts or you don’t, in my opinion. I myself enjoy a decent pair of shorts. I always use these in the spring and summer. And I’m eager to wear them once it heats up. However, these are all put away in the fall and winter, and I forget about them until the warm weather returns once more. However, after spending some time in Paris, I saw that many ladies were wearing shorts and tights during the fall. And no, we won’t be wearing our summer shorts in the fall. Instead, the emphasis is on thicker wool shorts and leather shorts.

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Select Winter and Fall-Friendly Shorts

Let’s begin with the base of your ensemble. the briefs We don’t wear our summer shorts in the fall, as I already stated. Those are saved for the following year. It’s all about fall and winter textiles now. Consider materials like wool, leather, suede, or any heavier type of woven knit. Likewise with colors! If you have a pair of pastel, trouser-style shorts, I will save them for the spring and summer. However, if you have a team in black or brown or something with an earthy fall color scheme, let’s give it a shot! There are always exceptions to this rule, but I believe you can feel secure and confident in more earthy tones if you’re unsure.

Pair With Tights

Wearing shorts in the fall and winter is all about wearing them over tights. I adore this outfit; it gives tights and a skirt outfit a fantastic, more edgy twist. I would choose sheer tights or ones with a subtle design for this outfit. Consider a simple print or a polka dot. Doing an opaque tight these days simply feels a bit 2010 (learn more about that here). You can even forgo tights altogether in the fall if the temperature is warm enough. On a particularly warm fall night, I recently performed this in Paris. As long as the entire ensemble is suitable for fall, it works!

Select the Proper Tops and Layers.

We aim to match the seasonal energy, just like we do with any outfit we put together for the season! For early fall, you can wear a cotton t-shirt and a denim jacket. Then, for colder weather, turn to knits and blazers. I adore wearing a jacket with leather shorts because I believe the contrast of textures is ideal. Over a sweater, a big trench coat might be perfect. The shirts and layers you select will also depend on where you plan to wear this ensemble. I consider this blazer and shoe combination to be a little more dressy. But you can easily make this more daytime and casual acceptable by adding an oversized relaxed blazer, or just a sweater, and styling it with flat shoes.


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By Imita Varma 

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