How to wear Roll Neck In Winter.

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Get a handle on the various gauges (the number of stitches per inch of cloth) that are available before you warm up to this sophisticated, draft-preventing design Roll Neck In Winter because they will affect both how well it insulates and what it can be worn with.

Roll Neck In Winter: FINE

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A fine-gauge roll neck is a perfect item to tuck under your entire wardrobe’s worth of cold-weather essentials because it is lightweight and form-fitting. Intelligent enough to take the place of a formal shirt, especially when made of temperature-regulating and breathable merino wool, it also looks great layered under a leather jacket for a flawless up-down style. ( The bad news is that there is no better material for drawing attention to a gym dodger than second-skin cloth.

Roll Neck In Winter: MID-WEIGHT

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A mid-weight roll neck can conceal a more chubby physique while adding inches of warmth, making it a far better option for people who don’t want to exercise.

The additional weight turns up the thermostat and lends weight to lighter colors like cream. It is versatile enough to go with both smart and casual styles (and, ergo, smart-casual ones, too).

Roll Neck In Winter: HEAVY

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A thick fisherman-type roll neck still has appeal today because it can keep its wearer warm in the coldest weather, a design once cherished by men’s men like Ernest Shackleton and Hemingway.

The undisputed king of insulation, a thick wool knit with a waffle or cable knit pattern is ideal for a chilly commute or for pounding the parks and streets on the weekend, especially when tucked under an overcoat.


Although menswear’s seasonal transitions may not be as mercurial as womenswear’s, we nevertheless have our fair share of challenging trends (kilts, anyone?).


Roll necks were wrongfully unfairly lumped in with this group for a long time, but the five instances below should be enough to debunk that notion.


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The roll neck has plenty of credentials when it comes to being a manly garment, as evidenced by its wearers, which also include Sir Michael Caine and James Bond.

For a look that works in a business-casual office or jeans for the weekend, layer a leather jacket under a mid-to-thick gauge roll neck and complete with fitted pants.


Roll Neck 4

Finding anything that a) looks halfway good and b) is actually simple to wear is often simply too much to ask for because style and functionality are so hopelessly out of sync. An overcoat worn underneath a roll neck, however, is a great method to endure cold temperatures while looking chic.

A pair of wool pants and a pair of leather boots can serve as the foundation of a sophisticated outfit, or you can go more casually with chinos and sneakers for a great after-hours look.


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A light-gauge roll neck is an ideal companion for a suit, whether it’s for a casual Friday look that works outside of the office or as a way to attend parties without dressing up in a tux.

Build a rotation of blacks, blues, and earthy tones before attempting something bold, like jewel tones. Neutral colors that contrast with the tailoring is a safe pick.


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The roll neck’s greatest strength is its adaptability, which enables some types to function just as effectively as a component of a more casual setup. But instead of paying homage to “Hotline Bling” with joggers and work boots, play around with your layers.

With an Oxford shirt, a fine-gauge example can look surprisingly elegant, while mid-gauge variants provide all the warmth of heavier versions when worn under a gilet or overshirt.

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