How to wear a beret: 6 Modern ways to Style Your Beret

How to wear a beret sexy
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How to wear a beret: As a fashion expert and blogger, one of the most versatile pieces of cloth I have come across is the beret. It is also one of the most classic accessories that have been around for centuries. Its origin is traced back to the French peasants and has now revolutionalized and grown to be adopted by artists and fashion icons. As we speak today,  the beret is one of the most popular accessories and favorites for those who wanna add a touch of sophistication and style to their entire outfit. With me here are six modern ways to style your beret. Take a look:

1. The classic chic style:

It is one of the coolest ways to wear a beret. This method involves tilting it slightly to the side. It lets you cover the heat as well as let the rim sit above the eyebrows. This style is perfect for a day out on the town. Wear it with a trench coat and black skinny jeans.

2. Bobo babe style:

This involves wearing your beret pulled back on your head and pairing it with some loose clothes such as oversized sweaters and think maxi dresses. Be sure to couple it with some statement earrings for the best look.

How to wear a beret sexy lady wearing a beret

3. Edgy cool look;

This involves pairing your beret with a cool leather jacket, some jeans, and combat boots. Add some sunglasses for a better and cooler look.

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4. Sporty spice: How to wear a beret

Involves pairing your beret with some leggings and sexy sneakers. It is perfect for those going to the gym. Add some sunglasses for a more iconic and stylish look.

5. Preppy perfection:

Wear your beret with a blazer, some tailored pants, and a crisp bottom-up shirt.  The look is perfect for office duties.

How to wear a beret sexy

6. Retro Glam: How to wear a beret

This is perfect for those looking for a glamorous look. Where it with some vintage dress and heels. Perfect for a date night or a wedding.

For those who really know the power of a beret, they know that it can completely elevate an outfit from a mere zero to skyrocketing results. There is always a beret for everyone. Whether you are looking for a classic or boho type, the beret is a perfect addition to any outfit. Do not fear to grab the opportunity. Seize it and expect the best of the best.


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