How to Transform Your Look Instantly?

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Hi everyone!! I hope that all of you are doing well. Today we will be talking about anathor very interesting topic and that is how to transform your look instantly. Many times all of us think about getting a makeover to change our appearance but don’t know where to start. Sometimes we think about colouring our hair or upgrading our wardrobe but that too doesn’t fulfil the desire of creating an impactful change. So, to solve this problem I will be sharing some really useful tips which will help you to instantly transform your look and make it more powerful.

Let’s go 

#Instantly transform your look tip no. 1: Red lipstick

Red is a very powerful colour and it instantly makes you look more regal and glamorous. Even if you are wearing minimal makeup or a plain dress, red lipstick will make you look more radiant and classy.

#Instantly transform your look tip no. 2: High heels

High heels give more power to your look and they help you with your posture too. Straight posture makes you look more confident and attractive which makes your look more stylish.

#Instantly transform your look tip no. 3: Sunglasses

It has been psychologically proven that sunglasses make you look more attractive and this is the reason why you see many celebs wearing sunglasses literally everywhere they go. Psychologically they make you look like an important person to other people.

#Instantly transform your look tip no. 4: Big Accessories

Some big accessories like a huge ring or a heavy necklace create a powerful impact on your look too. They grab attention and can hide some minimal makeup or dressing mistakes.

Tip no. 5: Layering

Adding some jackets, shrugs, belts or other items can make you look more charming as well as influential.


Tip no. 6: choose expensive colours

To be honest not all of us are rich enough to buy clothes every other day but a simple hack can save our lives and we can still rock our looks the hack is don’t wear expensive clothes but wear expensive colours. Yes, some clothes look branded and expensive just because of their colour. You can wear colours according to your undertones otherwise some colours like Emerald green, white or lavender can also work well.

Tip no.7: Be a queen

Walk as if you are wearing a crown. Be confident and smile these two are the best accessories that you can wear.

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By Aahana

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