How To Style Suits!

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Have you ever thought about what the best official outfit in the fashion industry is? Well, it’s a suit and tie. A simple but elegant dress code that no other can beat. Matter of fact, for every official event, ensure you dress in a suit and a tie. Avoid doing smart casual, in the name of an ‘official outfit.’ In fact, the only recommended dress code for an interview, especially for a job, is a suit and tie. So how should you dress in your suits? Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy cause in my blog post today, I’ll guide you on how to style those suits as required.

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Dress your suit in brogue shoes.

Brogues are genuine leather-made shoes from Italy. They have a very classic and cozy interior, with a low heel. They feel really good on their feet. They give you that boss feeling as you dress them with your suit. How much do they go for? They roughly sell for at least 50 USD at a local store. But for most online platforms, you’ll get them for more than just 50 USD. This is the least price tag for an original pair. Counterfeits are there but will most definitely sell at a lower price.

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Another way to dress your suit is with sneakers. Sneakers as well are all aware come in different colors so, you’ll have to select the one that suits you best. One classic sneaker selection would be an Airforce 1s. White or black ones must be the best color selection. You can make your purchase both online and at a physical shoe store. Online reliable platforms are,, as well as Prices vary as usual. An original pair will most definitely sell for a higher price than a counterfeit copy. Anyways, just go for a matchup that puts a smile on your face all through.

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