How to Style a Men’s Polo Shirt as a Women

men’s polo shirt
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Ladies, have you ever imagined searching your friends or brother’s closet for style suggestions? Well, you’re not alone! You can add a personal, modern touch to men’s clothes in your wardrobe. The most ignored but versatile item that can make every kind of man is the classic men’s polo shirt. These shirts were traditionally made for men, but with some modification, they can make very stylish and fashionable dresses for women.

The Effortless Oversized Look

Oversized clothing has been in fashion for many years and big men’s polo shirt is not an exception. One can achieve this chic, relaxed look by stealing a little bit of an oversized polo shirt from a male friend, partner, or brother. It also goes well with slim-fit jeans and leggings to keep volume in perfect balance. To achieve a more soft and female note, wear a belt that will define the waist. To complete the look one can take sneakers or booties in order to give it a casual and off-duty air.

The Classic Half-Tuck

Half tuck, is an old but useful men’s polo shirt styling technique. A small portion of the front of the shirt should be tucked in only while leaving the back open in case you are wearing a skirt, shorts, or high-waisted jeans. It is a simple styling trick that instantly makes an outfit look more casual and chic. The statement belt will further help to emphasize your waist and add some character to your accessory.

Layer It Up

Layering will give your outfit some dimension and depth. Place a fitted, solid-colored turtleneck sweater or a standard crewneck sweater underneath your men’s polo shirt. The collar and cuffs of the polo shirt should be left to peek out in order to achieve a smart contrast. Combine these layers of the outfit with some skinny jeans or trousers with ankle boots for a modern, elegant ensemble that is suitable for colder times.

The Tied-Up Twist

You can turn your men’s polo shirt into a cropped top, simply pull it in the middle and tie it up above the waist. A classic piece can be dressed up for a playful and feminine touch with this styling trick. Pull up the shirt as much as possible wrap the loose ends around your waist and tie them. You can combine it with high-waisted shorts, a skirt, or wide-legged trousers for a more playful, relaxed feeling. Moreover, you may try out various knot types to make your outfit more unique.

The Off-Shoulder Elegance

An off-shoulder top from a men’s polo can be styled in a slightly elegant way. Put on your shirt but be sure to leave a few buttons open such that one shoulder slips out sexily. This appearance goes well with fitted pants, jeans, or a pencil skirt. Finish off the sophisticated look with statement earrings that will accessorize the shoulders.

Embrace the Athleisure Trend

Men’s polo shirts continue to be a vital part of men’s wardrobe due to the popularity of athleisure. Combine your polo with high-waisted athletic leggings or joggers. Pulling it forward slightly and then layering it with a sporty bomber jacket. To top up this look, you may go for sneakers and a baseball cap to give the ensemble a touch of sophistication, comfort, and trend.

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The Tunic Dress

The men’s polo can be easily transformed into a tunic dress, a very stylish and special look. Wear an expanded polo shirt over a gown and tie it at the waist using a girdle for clarity. In addition, you can wear tights or leggings to provide additional coverage. One can choose to pair this look with heels and statement jewelry or sneakers and ankle boots depending on the occasion.

In conclusion

Men’s shirts, particularly polos, are styled in so many ways. Either an oversized and relaxed look, half-ironed style, dressed up, knot-tied twist, shoulder bared, sporty, or even a tunic dress. With men’s polo shirts, there are so many different styling ideas you can borrow from the boys’ section of your wardrobe, or even thrift for some unique and affordable pieces. If you are creative enough and have faith in yourself, you could make the men’s shirt turn into something that would allow you to stand out among others.

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