How to Spice Up Your Looks?


We wanted to glow differently, but naturally. Every day, we care too much about how we look physically, finding our own interests, aesthetic tastes, dislikes, talents, pet peeves, and even our purpose. This can be a bit of a complex process especially when we talk about spice up, but worth the wait.

How to Spice Up Your Looks

1. Change your Hair – we seek for a new look by changing our hairstyles and/or even with a bright colored temporary hair dyes. You can go to salon or just do it yourself, just find any instructions to not getting regret at the end. It can be attract to someone else that they stick their eyes on your hair.


2. Try to Apply Make-ups – in order to look much better, make-up is number 1 to conceal everything on your face. Like this give our appearance more beautifully. There is so many to apply to, but you could choose which do you prefer putting on your bare face. For instance, lipstick, lip tint, highlighter, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, etc. Even to those who doesn’t know how to apply make-up, they can do some research, and practice. This can help boosting your self confidence. Girl, you gonna look good better and perfectly doing that.

3. Put Some Accessories – like hoops, rings, pearls, and goes everything. It added somehow to look great on your daily OOTD’s and attract more wearing those some classy and shinny necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Other than that, put colors to your nail to look better. I prefer colored black, because it speaks power and independent.

4. Prior Your Health


•Exercise – for weight loss. It helps also to define your body and shape. Having good posture helps to boost your self esteem. Because, I know we have this so called “Body Goals” that we actually want.

•Get sunlight every morning – for a good skin.

•Drink lots of water – to avoid dehydration, it help also for weight loss or gain.

•No to Junk Foods, Yes to Healthy Foods – if you have dietary food, it’s good. By this, we discipline ourselves when it come for eating what’s not and good for our health. Also, lessen your drinks especially alcohol and soda. Eat more vegetables and fruits.


•Sleep as early as you could – by means, having a good sleep can result a good mood in the morning. It could be less 6 to 8 hours sleep. But since we’re at this ages, we should learn to have time management, specially now we are focus in our gadgets that our body clock was not able to function.


5. Change the way you dress up – the most essential thing we can do to spice up is to wear something that express our gender identity. So choose style that you were comfortable and cosy to. Good taste of choosing outfit can attract other people that they may also appreciate and imitate it. For me, I prefer to wear that are ‘boyish look’ just like the pictures below.



By Anria 

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