How to Prevent Cholesterol

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“Prevention is better than cure”

Can you relate to the above saying? I heard it many times while growing up, it could be from my mum, my relatives, and even those well older than me. I have come to terms with this saying.

My siblings and I have this ritual of going out every Friday, we call it siblings hang out. Most of the time we choose our favorite restaurant, there we discuss our new aspirations, challenges, and achievements, and laugh over our stupid and funny moments.

I am always looking forward to Fridays because that is one of the ways of strengthening our bond.

We recently had one and my sister narrated how she was told by her doctor of having “high cholesterol”

When she narrated her condition everyone’s eyes were on me knowing I have battled with one before now.

These are ways you can cure or better prevent cholesterol.

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Eating nuts: one of the ways to curb or even reduce cholesterol is eating a walnut, I remember eating walnut all the time. I snack on it, you can do the same for a better result. Not only walnut but every type of nut can be of help in reducing cholesterol.

Saturated fats: cut down on anything that has to deal with saturated fat. If you are the type that likes red meat please run away from it. Full-fat dairy should be avoided. You can go ahead with almond milk and coconut milk these can replace dairy products.

Eating of fruits: eat fruits, and let fruit become your friend. You can eat bananas, it helps in reducing cholesterol.

Exercise: entice yourself to exercise, by doing your regular exercise you are minimizing the chances of cholesterol and it brake light.

Now, why am I on this? fashion without health can be tiring. “You are healthy you enjoy fashion”

When you are fit you can wear all the trendy outfits you want. When you wear it your body appreciates you for keeping it healthy and also looking like a million bucks.


I made sure to prepare my sister ahead of time for the journey she was about to embark on, I made her take water rather than soda, and although she was mad, in the end when she went back to her doctor she was thrilled to have made tremendous headway in a short time.

You can do it and make progress on reducing or preventing high cholesterol.


Photo from Pexels

By Chioma Obasi

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