Tips on how to make your wedding gown look Royal!

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Wedding gowns are simply gowns that cannot go out of fashion and as someone who adores weddings, especially white ones, I think all brides would want to look like royalty. Even though a simple wedding is what was budgeted for or decided for, no bride would want to look anything but their best. Here are a few dresses, that Brides can wear to make them look Royal:

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A white wedding signifies the bond between the bride, groom, and God as they start a new beginning together for the rest of their lives. A wedding day is a day women and men go all out for some cases, to look extraordinary as it is a one-day event and so, even some people wear more than one dress. Looking like a royal for your wedding both literarily and figuratively can also be something that gives comfort.

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Wearing your dress doesn’t have to expose your body parts as you can still look your best while being moderate. It is said that “A white dress, signifies purity” and as much as it is true, many people have taken the adage out of context and worn it anyhow.


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Your dress can be designed with different stones, materials, and even veils to look royal. Long veils seem to be more in vogue now but some do not even go for it at all. A simple and comfortable dress can be adorned with simple jewelry so as not to overdo it and still look your best. It can also be worn on flats, or sneakers(my favorite, lol), if the gown is very long, so as to move freely. However, Heels are still the best to be worn, whether it be slippered heels or covered heels.

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A great asset for wedding dresses is the color combination. Although white gowns are mostly used, the accessories used must also blend. For example, a white dress, plain white heels, a simple silver stud earrings can be worn and adorned together, making you look beautiful.

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Another example, Wearing a white gown, rose gold slipper heels, simple gold stud earrings, or minimal droppings, can be a beautiful style especially if your wedding ring is gold.

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Make-up is also very important when it comes to gowns. Different styles of make-up can be done, however, you must consider the gown, color theme, and other accessories. Although I’m not a fan of make-up, I always prefer to go simple and skin-tone color so as to be more comfortable. Get a good make-up artist who understands the need to be stylish but comfortable, so that when you feel like crying on that day, your make-up won’t be affected.

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The bouquet of flowers also matters when it comes to a color-themed wedding. It brings out the style of the decor of the hall and also adds a feature of nature to your dress. It is advised that your bouquet matches your shoes and accessories as they will match the color theme so, it isn’t so hard to get the combination of flowers and still have that royal look.

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Your wedding day is meant to be special and royal, so make it. Not by exposing every part of your body but by carefully deciding what will fit you as the bride and also glorifying God.

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By Oluwatoyosi Oludare

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