How to Make Sure a Bra size is Correct: New Tips

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The bra comes in different sizes. Equally, we have ladies of different sizes and shapes across the world. Some have got huge breasts, others medium and the rest small. However, getting the right bra size has proven to be difficult for a number of ladies out there. Since the world is fast shifting into online retail stores, ladies are now ordering their clothes and outfits from online stores. For this reason, they require to have adequate knowledge on how to know if a bra is of the right size.

Those who have ever won an ill-fitting bra have an experience of what it means to have a single item ruining the entire outfit. Medically speaking, ill-fitting bras have been found to have medical issues. Other than having backaches, ill-fitting bras have a number of problems that can be solved by first fitting everything right.

How to Make Sure a Bra size is Correct:

1. Choose a bra that fits perfectly:

When it comes to the choice of size in bras, this is what you have to do: make sure you choose a bra that fits perfectly when secured on the outermost hook. Research has found that most of bras loosen with time and thus it will give you an allowance to move towards the tightest hook.

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2. How do you appear sideways in a mirror:

A lady should and must always have a big mirror around themselves or in their dressing room. If you happen to have one, look at yourself sideways in the mirror. Your breasts should sit midway between your shoulders and elbows. If this is not the reason, I think you will need a more supportive and tighter bra.

3. Put on a close-fitting shirt over the bra.

If the cups pucker or your breasts bulge, you are not wearing the correct bra size.

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4. Slide one finger underneath the bra band:

This is the ultimate test of the tightness or looseness of a bra. Be sure to slide only one finger underneath. If only one finger can enter the bra band, that is the right bra size for you.


When it comes to bra sizes, you are either correct or completely wrong. You must understand your body and the size of your breasts for you to get everything right. If you are not sure how to measure the size of your breasts, here is an article to aid you:


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