How to Look Gothic Like Lori Harvey and Billie Eilish

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The Gothic style is a popular fashion trend that is characterized by dark and moody clothing, heavy makeup, and bold accessories. If you’re interested in achieving a gothic look like Lori Harvey or Billie Eilish, here are some steps you can follow:

Clothing: Look for dark, moody clothing in shades of black, dark red, and purple. Opt for flowy or fitted pieces that are adorned with lace, velvet, or ruffles.Accessories: Bold accessories like chokers, bracelets, and earrings can help to complete the Gothic look. Choose items made from materials like leather, silver, and black metal.Hair: Both Lori Harvey and Billie Eilish often wear their hair in dark, sleek styles. Consider wearing your hair in a sleek ponytail or with dark, bold bangs.Makeup: Gothic makeup is all about bold, dramatic looks. Use dark eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner, and bold lipstick to create a look that is both dramatic and alluring. Attitude: The Gothic look is all about exuding a dark and mysterious vibe, so be confident and embrace your inner Gothic goddess!

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The gothic look has unquestionably made a strong resurgence among the street style crowd, appearing on some of fashion’s most adored It girls, like Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and Lori Harvey, and dominating designer runways. Both fashion influencers and tastemakers are embracing the style, and well-known luxury companies like Rick Owens have perfected the goth look with their legendary Drkshdw line.

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The gothic aesthetic has been adopted by several well-known designers. Models like Adut Akech walked down the Barbiecore-inspired catwalk for Valentino’s fall 2022 collection in monochrome black outfits with exaggerated proportions, including off-the-shoulder sculpted dresses accessorized with gloves and leather minibags. Black items from Givenchy, Chloe, and Balenciaga’s fall 2022 collections also supported the burgeoning trend.

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Dark, monotone clothing is typically a part of the goth look. It frequently adopts a layered appearance that might incorporate essentials like platform boots, leather coats, and black makeup. The subculture, which is centered on the traditional color black, first emerged in the UK in the early 1980s, inspired by gothic rock music as well as horror movies and gothic literature. Goth fashion is usually characterized by all-black materials like velvet, lace, fishnets, and leather. Silver jewelry is frequently worn with a spooky appearance to enhance aesthetic intrigue.

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If the aesthetic resonates with you, express your inner goth style with these pieces ahead.

Blog by: Isha Sharma

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